Muse~News Editorial January 2013 – Ice Age Art to Cosmology

From the Editor

Carolyn McDowall, Courtesy Photographer Antoine Matarasso

Hello, Carolyn McDowall here welcoming you to The Culture Concept Circle and our first Muse~News January 2013

Our stories, in what seems like just a few short weeks since our return on the ‘epiphany’, have covered an enormous amount of territory in terms of humanity and its evolution.

They encompass tales of our society and its cultural development from when man first showed signs of ‘thinking’ about how best an object that he could carve and shape might represent and reflect his story for those who came after, so that they would better understand and know about his life’s complex journey.

Bison sculpted from mammoth ivory. Found at Zaraysk, Russia, about 20,000 years old. Zaraysk Museum of Art and History. Dr Sergey Lev

At the beginning of art when there was an ‘explosion of technical and imaginative skill’ and this is represented in a landmark exhibition Ice Age Art – Modern Masterpieces 40,000 Years in the Making to be held at the British Museum at London.

It is all about the arrival of the modern mind and will offer a unique opportunity for many to view a selection of the world’s oldest known sculptures, drawings and portraits among the earliest known forms of human creativity.

Their modernity is often quite confronting, as we come face to face with our own mortality and re-think our conceptions about what art is, or is not.

What sets this exhibition apart is that, for the first time, the figures will be presented as works of art, rather than archaeology.

Cosmic Ouroboros by Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox courtesy Artist

At the other end of our spectrum of stories, is Cosmology – Art as a Conduit between Science and Humanity showcasing the works of contemporary Brisbane based artist Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, who is exploring what is to come by confidently charting new territories.

Kathryn has a passion and knowledge of the past and a purpose in life that allows her to feel free and remain open to all possibilities. Importantly she also has faith that there is a future, one that while it may not yet seem ideal, will be forged in the fires of us learning from our past mistakes so that we can contribute a solid foundation for future generations to build upon.

Costume is another ‘conduit’ of communication between different cultures and society. La Belle Époque, the beautiful era in Europe is well reflected in the sumptuous sets and sublime costumes of a new movie from the novel of Anna Karenina featuring Keira Knightly, in which Love and Infatuation = Grief and Loss. 

The Great Gatsby – A Lost Generation Celebrating Life as Art will be an imagined visual feast for the reader of the novel and there is no doubt director Baz Luhrmann has lingered long and lovingly in doing so, as he recreated the luxurious and lavish louche lifestyle of the rich and famous between World War I and II.

The ‘Jazz Age’ when Art Deco was a Revolution of Design & Style for the Modern Age is well portrayed.

Lace – A Fashionable Aspect of ‘Gorgeous Attyre’ and Romance is also highlighted and fashion icons like Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge are wearing it well.

Jo Bayley in her column Fashion Elixir kicks off the New Year with a story about

There is no better place to give your stylish wardrobe a work out this year than at the Opera, or in fact any sensational music occasion. Opera celebrates art, music, ideas, love and life in a unique blend of music and drama. The essence of this blend is the communication of ideas and emotions through the means of singing, which reflect the heart and spirit of our culture and its wonderful diversity.

Opera Queensland Season 2013 – A Shared Adventure in Music will present three great works. St Matthew Passion by German composer and all around genius musician Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), Cinderella by Italian composer Gioachino Antonio Rossini (1792-1868) and Otello, with music by Italian Romantic composer Giuseppe Verdi (1813 – 1901) with text gleaned from the works of English poet and playwright Willliam Shakespeare (1564-1616).

West Australian Opera – 2013 Year of the Divo, Men in Opera will be involved in singing four operatic masterpieces Rigoletto, La Traviata, Don Giovanni and La Boheme. The title characters in each opera are all iconic male opera personalities and certainly men of action so what a wonderful treat is ahead for opera loving patrons in the west.

There is also a one off Gala performance for Medici Concerts features David Helfgott the world’s most famous pianist, whose remarkable life story was immortalized in the 1996 movie Shine, starring Geoffrey Rush in his Academy award winning performance, will commence and celebrate their musical year. Held February 9 single tickets are available.

The 2013 year is off to a great start.

Carolyn McDowall, Editor Muse~News and Writer in Residence The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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