Muse~News Editorial March 2013 – Fashion, Art, Music & More

Hello, and welcome to The Culture Concept Circle where the highlight in March 2013 is on fashion, art, music and much more.

The spirituality of Baroque music, and its search for a deeper understanding and awareness of the meaning of life, is indeed extra special. It is coming once more to the fore as so many more people embrace its joyous aspects and respond to its seductive elegance.

The soul of this era is consummated in marvelous music that reveals all by its purity and reflects all that was good about life, especially an awakening love of nature.

Musical gestures were filled with pathos; musical melody exploited by the human voice in powerful performances of sensuous beauty and soaring vitality.

Philippe Jaroussky, a young countertenor will be performing a marvellous selection of Baroque music with Paul Dyer and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, who play on authentic instruments, at the Sydney and Melbourne recital halls over the month ahead.

Jaroussky has certainly obtained superstar status in the world of celebrity surrounding opera and those specializing in concerts of the so-called ‘early music’, where melody and drama can combine to provide an emotional experience of music, one that is deeply enriching and emboldening for both human spirit and soul.

The Marais Project is another initiative we have just been made aware of, highlighting works composed for the Viola da Gamba by French composer Marin Marais. In solo performance this splendid instrument demonstrates clearly its mellow, soft, round tone. Marais was made court musician in 1679 at Versailles, appointed ordinaire de la chambre du roy pour la viole, a title he kept until 1725, just a few short years before he died.

Hobart Baroque Launch - Jarrod Carland, Lara Giddings, Madeleine Pierard, Leo Schofield

Australian larger than life promoter of all things beautiful and wondrous Leo Schofield, is with his colleague Jarrod Carland producing Hobart Baroque a festival of early music that will certainly be worth a trip south to our favourite island state. It takes place in a historic acoustically magical Theatre Royal so will be sure to provide a magical surround sound experience for the audience. The beauty of the place and the beauty of the music should make for a happy event.

In New York, as here in Australia, the Impressionists are still making their presence felt, 100+ years after their movement began.

At the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), a new show Monet’s Garden – Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris will present the works of French painter Claude Monet (1840 – 1926). They offer a great first impression of the relationship between art, and the beauty and romance of a garden sited within a French landscape.

Impressionism is also all the rage in New York, where a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is gaining rave reviews… Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity – 1860 to 1880 at Paris highlights the dialogue that existed between art and fashion from the mid 1860’s to the mid 1880’s at Paris, when those in society at the time lived a seductive style of life.

Wonderful paintings sit side by side with superb costume spotlighting an era when fashionable attire provided an appealing basis for a whole new generation of artists and writers as they sought to give an impression of the pulse of their modern life, in all its nuanced richness.

There is a wealth of riches and wonderful stories packed into this month’s Muse~News, and on our site

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Great art grows out of intellectual and spiritual ideas that when combined with nature and the skill of man defines its form and style

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