Muse~News Editorial Xmas 2012 – by Carolyn McDowall

It’s not surprising that by Christmas time in Australia many tempers are in meltdown, nerves are feeling frayed and bodily exhaustion is definitely setting in. Unlike northern cultures in the southern hemisphere our long hot Summer has at last arrived and after a long hard working year our bodies are screaming at us that it is time to take a rest, to enjoy some recreation and to take on board refreshment, both inside and out. It is also a good time to re-visit The Christmas Message – Caring, Courage, Compassion and Love

It has been a big year and we have had a wonderful increase in the readership of our posts and columns, which makes our contributors all very happy. Be sure to download and read our Muse~News Christmas 2012. There is a lot of information out there on the Internet these days and at The Culture Concept Circle we strive to provide accurate up to the minute information. That doesn’t mean we are infallible, but it is our goal, which we all work hard to achieve.

All around the world there is a growing sense of community that we need to embrace, encourage and sustain. No one thrives in a climate without hope and we need to keep building trust and empathy between societies and cultures, which is an ongoing challenge for us all. We must endeavour to stop being judgmental and take a different view one that is both positive and optimistic.

Inter-cultural exchanges of great art and objects such as the ancient ‘Cyrus Cylinder‘, which was the first example of a bill of basic human rights in the world speaks volumes on behalf of us all. This great and rare clay tablet covered with wise words is revered as a symbol of tolerance and respect for different peoples, different cultures and different faiths. It is of enormous historical and spiritual significance and of inestimable value to the whole of humankind. When it travels around America next year it should touch the hearts and minds of millions of people.

In Australia we will be celebrating the centenary of Canberra our national capital in 2013. An exhibition Turner from the Tate will be a major Art show for Australia showcasing some of the works of Joseph Mallord William Turner, the ‘painter of light’. They should also help to illuminate our lives and keep us going forward towards 21st century enlightenment.

The People Speak is all about great voices resonating around the world and a positive movement gathering momentum reminding us of the wisdom of the words of such inspiring individuals as anthropologist Margaret Mead. She reminded us all that we should “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

Daring to imagine and plan for what it might be possible to accomplish has been made possible to date through the significant achievements of our ancestors and there are many stories that need to be told, as well as our own. Holding the past and present in balance will help us innovate and imagine the future.

During the year we have been placed on the media lists of many of the great arts and cultural institutions around the world, as well as many agencies in the entertainment world, helping us to bring you up to minute stories.

As 2012 draws towards a close The Culture Concept Circle team wish to convey our very best wishes to all our readers and supporters, whose loyalty and encouragement this year has meant a great deal. Thank you.

We wish you and yours a merry Christmas, a secure and safe holiday season and a happy New Year.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle 2012

NB: We will be on annual holidays from 24th December and will return to posting from Monday 7th January 2013.

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