Musing On Music

Architecture, literature and philosophy are integral to the intellectual and artistic life of every society in every age, with its spirit expressed through its music

Modern technology is a wonderful thing. Just love it. There are no boundaries about how we enjoy our favourite music or where, because we can take it with us. Some people have iPods, surely Apple’s most innovative product ever. Personally I use an iPhone 4, recently given to me by a son upgrading. He wanted to enjoy having a new personal assistant named Siri to command. She is very proactive and, best of all in his book doesn’t answer back or ask silly questions, unless they relate to the task she has been given. Among a myriad of awesome things she can do is pick out and play the songs her master wants to hear. These days there is no end to the technological resources available to recording musicians eager to make new sounds. My favourite ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle believed education about music should be introduced to the young, because it had the power of forming character. If ever a discipline integrated the unconscious and emotional aspects of the mind with the intellectual and physical movement it would be music.  And, its choice is so deeply personal. Carolyn McDowall December 2011

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