My 12 Days of Christmas by Jo Bayley

Merry Christmas to all my fabulous followers. I love writing this column and I hope that you love reading it.

From the start of Fashion Elixir in February when we worked the Tux we have enjoyed an odyssey from cupid to Cartier and had a great deal of fun

Christmas is rushing up fast so I thought I might share my personal version of the 12 days of Christmas with you. This time of year is all about fantasy and dreams, so why not go a little over the top! Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will be among the stars!

On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
12 Dior gowns
11 Picasso paintings
10 Longines watches
9 Lanvin dresses
8 Manolo mules
7 Salvatore Ferragamo silk scarves
6 Gucci loafers
5 Golden rings (Cartier please)
4 Chanel 2.55 bags
3 Fendi cuffs
2 Tiffany & Co yellow diamonds
and a pair of Pradas (technically Miu Mius) all under my evergreen tree!

Join me again from January 23rd 2013 for more Fashion Elixir.

Ciao, Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2012

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