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As it is Dream Week 2013, $1 from every lipstick sold at Myer and David Jones Australia wide until the 14th of September, is donated to Look Good Feel Better, I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to offer some do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks for ultimate lips!

LGFB has it’s roots in the “Lipstick Theory”. The idea being that a little lippie goes a long way to making a girl feel fab.

Sometimes a swipe of colour gives us that much needed boost of confidence to walk out the door and face the world.

Maybe you’re feeling less than fabulous, try out my top five tips for achieving the best results from, arguably, the most popular cosmetic item!

First up, bright clean colours will make your teeth look whiter.

This is an easy trick to brighten your smile.

Think of the effect polished pillar box red has against white, makes it look clean and bright right?

Same for lipstick and teeth.

It doesn’t have to be red, olive skinned beauties look terrific in tangerine, red heads can get away with bright pink.

Experiment, if it doesn’t rock your world, just take it off and start again. Simple!

Always use a base shade that works with your skin tone.

By this I mean, do you have pink or yellow undertones in your skin?

If unsure, always ask a professional.

The lovely make up artists at cosmetic counters are there to help. The last thing they want is to sell a hue that drains your face.

Imagine, for example you trot off to the Chanel counter, buy your lipstick, only to be asked by a dear friend “Do you feel ok, you look a little sick”.

No make up artist wants that on their head!

This is what the wrong shade can do. It completely washes out the wearer.

Use a foundation or concealer on the lip before you apply your lipstick.

It’s amazing how this helps the product adhere to the lip.

I am always being asked “how does your lipstick stay on?” and this is my number one trick.

The next important step is to use a lip liner in the same shade or in a neutral. This defines the lip.

Never use a darker shade, you want to blend the colour seamlessly.

Remember being a kid with your colouring in book, it’s the same principle, just fill in between the lines for pout perfection.

Always apply 2 layers.

Follow the above steps, and after the first application, grab a tissue and lightly blot.

Re apply another coat.

Think of painting a house, 2 coats give a much sleeker finish.

Don’t forget to check that you don’t have lipstick on your teeth, do a last minute check before walking out the door.

To finish, if desired, pop a dab of gloss, just in the centre.

This makes lips appear fuller and more kissable!!

Last but not least, please steer clear of frosted shades if you are over 21.

Nothing ages a woman more that a frosted lipstick.

If you like some shine, grab a semi gloss tint.

If you don’t believe me, and have been wearing frost for years, try an experiment.

Look for the same shade but in a more matte finish.

Follow the above steps and see what you think, I’ll be interested to hear about the many compliments received.

There are so many choices of brands and colours, in varying price brackets, that you have no excuse not to find your signature shade.

So pucker up that perfect pout and get ready to smooch!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor The Culture Concept Circle 2013

Dream Week 2013 goes from Sunday 8th until Saturday 14th of September 2013.

The cosmetic industry in Australia supports Dream Week, so if you are in the market for a new lipstick or gloss, purchase one during Dream Week, from Myer or David Jones as it helps the cause.

This is a fantastic initiative run by Look Good…Feel Better, to raise awareness and much needed funds to run workshops and provide much appreciated care packages to men, women and teenagers embarking on treatment for cancer.

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