On Being Human & Christian

Detail Holman Hunt - The Light of the World

In his inauguration sermon on 29th September 2005 the Anglican Primate of Australia Phillip Aspinall delivered a thought provoking definition of what it means to be a Christian in our contemporary world.  He said “Christians are custodians of an alternative vision of what it means to be human. A vision of a meaningful, satisfying, fulfilling way to live. This vision is an antidote, a cure. It does not remove human frailties or vulnerabilities. It certainly does not make church people mistake free. The dragons of today are no respecters of distinction between church members and others. They wreak their havoc within the church as well as everywhere else. And yet, despite its shortcomings and evident failures, underpinning the church and the good it does in the community is another vision of human being. To be truly human… is to be somewhat childlike, to be teachable, to remain humble, to eschew pride and arrogance and to be reverent towards other people and towards the natural world”.

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