Orly GelFX – They’ve got it nailed!

This is THE next big thing in nails!!

Forget shellac forever, here is a professional product that also has home kits to make life easy.

Most of us love being pampered, and one of the best ways to do this is to have a manicure. Celebrity manicurist Fiona Hay of 10 Manicure Boutique, is a fantastic choice.

With over 10 years of nail experience and 15 years as a hair and make up artist, she knows how to create a fabulous finish.

This lady was responsible for singer ‘Seals’ sexy male nails during the 1st season of channel 9’s “The Voice”.  She has some great gossip, but like any professional knows, “what goes on tour, stays on tour”!

I can tell you that she says Seal and the Maddens (Joel, Benji and the gorgeous Nicole Ritchie) are all divine!

Her product of choice is Orly GelFX.

Orly gelFX gel nail lacquer is the hot new product that recently took the Beauty Expo by storm.

Manicurists were going mad over this excellent innovation in nail treatments.

While shellac looks great, it is super rough on nails.

Once removed the nail bed is left brittle and damaged, a little like the after effects of acrylic (false) nails.

Early in my career I was a working as a manicurist. Removing acrylics left nails weak, soft and short. Not a great combination.

Even though the problem is short term, imagine if it was never a problem again!

With my gorgeous girlfriend Lucy, from Lucy Topp make up, we tested out this new gentle alternative and were able to see how this product works first hand. And with Fiona wielding the file, we were in great hands!

Lucy was a huge shellac fan when she first tried it, but soon realized that the upkeep is hard and that nails are left in less than perfect condition on removal.

She was excited to try something new.

Anti oxidant vitamins A & E promote healthy nails, while pro vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail.

GelFX also dries in less than half the time thanks to LED technology. That’s 30 seconds instead of 2 minutes under UV lights! It is much better for the skin on the hands too.


With 38 shades to choose from, where do you start?

Maybe your feeling classic, so a heavenly hue like “Bare Rose”, “Sheer Nude” or “Monroe Red” would be an ideal choice. Or are you looking to make more of a statement? I’d suggest “It’s Up To Blue”, “Liquid Vinyl” or “Oh Cabana Boy” Which was Lucy’s pick, shocking pink, fabulous!

Brights are huge spring/summer 2012 , so if you can’t imagine yourself in a citrus blazer or a neon pant, ease yourself into the look by a pop of colour on the nail. This is also an economical way to stay on trend.

With home kits available, offering superior shine and a easy 4 step removal process, why not try it? The Orly GelFX manicure system ensures an incredibly durable, chip free nail for at least 2 weeks.

It was perfect timing for both Lucy and myself. She was off to New York for 10 days, and Italy was my destination.

“Red Flare” was my colour of choice (must have been inspired by Dolce&Gabbana at the time) and I loved it!

I just grabbed a bottle to take with me for touch ups at the nail base( as the nail grows, so does the colour), as I was away for 3 weeks

My top 3 reasons to love this product;

No Chips

The nail bed is conditioned while you are wearing the polish. Nails are in better condition on removal

Unlike shellac, which is porous, Orly GelFX can be painted over!

Lucy and I were super excited by this revelation!

So lets say you choose a classic colour like “Bare Rose” and in a weeks time you’re feeling like “Red Flare”, just paint over the gels.

To get back to the original colour, take off with regular remover. It will look like new, how cool is that!

Naturally, if your first colour is quite dark the results won’t be as great. If you’re an individual who likes change, go for a lighter shade in the first place, so you have options.

I am a convert, and so is Lucy.

The bottom line; hard wearing, long lasting results that looked fantastic all through my holiday. I didn’t have to think twice about my manicure,it stayed fresh and fabulous. If you love a pretty, polished, no fuss finish, then this is the product for you.

Like I said, Orly GelFX has it nailed!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2012

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