Parisian Chic – The Art of Effortless Style

Why is it that Parisian women always look so effortlessly chic?

Is it the perfect Breton stripe tee, or the immaculately cut blazer?

Perhaps it’s the “just right jeans” or the little ballet flats. I think the whole look transcends the clothes, it’s all about the attitude.

There are certain qualities, in my opinion, that are universal to French style.

The perfect haircut is one.

Amazing accessories and shoes are a must too. But the most obvious quality is confidence in whatever she wears.

She wears the clothes, clothes don’t wear her.

Never go for the “Top to Toe” look . It screams pretension, this look is understated glamour.

Buy the best fabrics that you can afford.

One stunning cashmere jumper, that can last decades, instead of four cheaper versions that will last only one season.

Invest in a beautifully tailored blazer in navy or black, this will stay with your forever.

Believe me, when you are having that clothing crisis meltdown, and nothing looks right, this piece will be your saviour.

One thing is for sure I do not ever get rid of my accessories. I know that even when they have gone out of fashion, in 5 years time I would think about a certain belt, or scarf that would be just right for “now” and wish I still owned it.

Hunt down new designers. Up and coming labels have a lot to offer.

New and fresh, you never know, you may be investing in the next Akira or Collette Dinnigan.

Try unusual combinations, metallics and sequins for day, an old faded denim jacket with a delicate chiffon dress at night, be adventurous!

Statement jewellery is always a standout, just don’t walk around like you’ve bought the whole store.

A ring on every finger is tacky, but a stack of fabulous bracelets worn together can look amazing.

Just choose your focal point.

Big earrings and necklace worn together, are too much.

The simpler the outfit, the quirkier the jewel.

Clothes never compete with accessories.

French women never look like they are trying to save all their belongings from a fire!

Their look never shouts “hey look at me”, but the interesting thing is, it always turns heads.

So next time you are in a style rut, just think outside the box.

Less is more, cut and fabric are the most important choices, closely followed by colour.

You may turn heads where you least expect!

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2012

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  • Celeste Gordon says:

    Hi, I love the look above. I have been doing research all over the Internet and have come close but not close enough. Can you tell me the brand names of the jeans, striped top, and the blazer? That might help my search! Thank you so much, Celeste Gordon

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