Perfect Packing

I love holidays and I love my wardrobe! So nothing is more exciting than planning a holiday wardrobe. The prospect can strike fear and dread into even the most capable of people. It is only recently that I feel I am finally getting a grip on what is a very first world problem. So many factors come into play.

How long is the trip? Are you going to one or multiple climates.? Will you be lying around a pool, trekking or cruising or maybe exploring and chilling out in an urban oasis? I find the 7 to 10 day trip easiest to organize. Usually these are going to one destination, therefore only one climate.

I was lucky enough to have a fantastic week in New York City last August, their summer. This made packing easy as summer  clothes are light, it is a city – so no hiking boots or ski gear to think about.

Putting aside a few hours in the week before we left to coordinate my travel wardrobe reaped rewards.

It’s crazy, I can pack a bag for my husband in 30 min flat, but when faced with my own suitcase, I can easily be reduced to a blithering mess!

First -no over packing! Be ruthless in this department. Remember, if you forget it, you can usually buy it.

Second- always leave room for new purchases (which if you are like me, there will be plenty).

Third – sample/travel size toiletries are readily available these days. Ask your hairdresser or beauty therapist if they have sachets and or trial sizes of shampoo or moisturisers. Check out the department stores for free samples.

Disposable facial wipes are great as they take eye make up off and usually come in five or 10 packs. Decanting products into smaller containers, ones that are sized so they can be taken as on-board luggage i.e. 100 ml liquid, helps.

Finally – plan ahead, look at the long-term forecast. If the weather is predicted to be between 30 and 40°C, that it probably will be that hot (no need for that fabulous Max Mara coat you just bought).

Once I have decided what to pack, Ziploc bags are my new BF! Underwear and sleepwear in one, tops in another, skirts and pants together, you get the picture! These I also like to label with a list of what is in each e.g.. Bassike T-shirt, Zimmerman dress, Ginger/Smart pants.

Apart from making everything easy to identify, if there is anything I don’t wear, it goes back in the bag away from dirty laundry or if my shampoo explodes in transit, my clothes are unaffected.

Wearing layers on the plane makes good sense, especially natural fibres as they can breathe.

A scarf or pashmina is just perfect for the chill of the air conditioning.

My favourite jeans, plain T-shirt in bamboo or cotton(supersoft) and a smart blazer is my chosen travel uniform, finished with ballet flats, easy to slip on and off. Remember feet can swell on a long haul flight.

What to take in your on-board luggage is very important. On said trip to New York, our luggage was lost for 48 hours. Luckily I carried a mini wet pack, containing deodorant ,facial wipes, moisturiser, a trial size of perfume , toothbrush and toothpaste. A change of underwear and a fresh T-shirt topped off my bag. The hotel supplied Aveda products, so the rest was taking care of.

I was able to go on my pre-booked tour of the East Village the next morning in relative comfort, knowing I wouldn’t smell like a hobo on the subway!

Anyway lost luggage is the perfect excuse for shopping!!!

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