Perfecting The Blow Dry

Perfecting The Blow DryAs a hairdresser, the one question I am always asked is ‘how do I get a salon finish blow dry at home?’

Here are my top tips to make styling so much easier.

I believe the key to a fabulous blow dry is a great base. In this I mean a quality haircut, so the style should easily fall into place.

It is also important to shampoo the hair thoroughly. Sometimes a blow wave won’t last as the hair is left greasy or with too much conditioner in it. You will never get a quality result with these two factors present.

Make sure you shampoo your hair twice. The first shampoo lifts the dirt and oils from the scalp and the second makes sure they are removed from the hair.

Apply the conditioner to mid lengths and ends only, then comb through. Use the residue on the comb for the root area. Rinse thoroughly and the hair should feel clean and refreshed.

I am a big fan of the hair towel. Pick one up at your local pharmacy, these are super absorbent, and a must to cut down drying time. Leave your hair in the towel for about 5 to 10 min, then shake loose.

Using a wide tooth comb (the Afro comb is a great choice) and gently comb out the hair. Find your part and apply a styling product suited to your hair type. A light alcohol free lotion is a favourite of mine, and suited to most hair types.

Before you apply any product, make sure the hair is not dripping wet, as the product will just run off with the water.

If you are using mousse or gel type products, make sure you distribute these evenly. The best way to do this is applying to the palm and rub your hands together, then spread evenly throughout the hair. Don’t just put one big blob on top of your head.

A salon quality hairdryer will make your job so much easier, and cut down drying time. I use a Parlux 3200 with a nozzle. This helps direct the airflow and not just blow the hair everywhere, you control the direction.

If you have a fringe, always dry it first. Fringes can be tricky and often with strong growth patterns. This is easier to control when quite damp.

Then give your hair a quick blast aiming the nozzle down the hair shaft. This will help flatten the cuticle for a smooth finish.

Section the hair from ear to ear across the top of the head. Clip the front section up out of the way.

Always start at the back, section the hair off and start from the nape. This way you won’t have wet hair meeting with dry and ruining all your hard work.

Image of hairbrushesGet yourself a suitable brush, ask your hairstylist to recommend one suited best to you.

Make sure the hair is bone dry, if there is any moisture left, the hair will automatically frizz or go limp.

Work your way up to the crown, section by section. When the back is finished, start on the front half.

Working at the front, create a section over the ear and work your way up. If you like some height, pull the brush away from the head at a 180 degree angle and aim the air into the roots.

When you have finished, give your hair a blast with the cold air setting, this will help smooth the cuticle. End with a spritz of your favourite spray or a dab of serum (on the ends only).

Kate-Middleton-Perfect-Blow-DryNow you’re ready to walk out the door with confidence!

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