Peter Vance & Access Arts

Peter Vance Fete de la Musique Queen St Mall 2008, Photo by Antoine Matarasso

Peter Vance is a member of Access Arts, Brisbane a social profit organisation providing vital grants to Queensland Visual and Performing Artists with disability. Peter is vision impaired. He is a well known ‘man about town’ and a singer on the Brisbane Jazz Club scene, whose energy and enthusiasm lights up the stage like magic. He performs annually at Fete de la Musique, the fabulous street festival for musicians and singers held on June 21 each year.  You can now relive or just enjoy the live music and cool vibe of the recent launch of Peter Vance’s debut album The Truth’ on You Tube. All proceeds from the sale of Peter Vance’s ‘The Truth CD’ will go to the Access Arts SAFE Fund, which provides vital grants to Queensland visual and performing artists with disability to aid their professional development and practice. You can order your copy of the CD by clicking our link.

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