Pie Society – Give The Gift Of Yummy Food says Jo Bayley

Do you live in Sydney and ever been stuck on what to give the person who seems to have everything?

Maybe friends have just welcomed a new addition to the family, or have just lost someone dear. What is an appropriate way to say “I care”?

Why not give the gift of food, and what better than a mouthwatering pie?

A pie is one of the ultimate comfort foods. It evokes memories of home cooked meals, full of love and flavour.

No one does it better than Pie Society, the brainchild of the extremely talented cook Emma Bagnall.

With a love of cooking and fantastic flavours, Emma would find herself whipping up epicurean delights for friends as a result of a myriad of situations.

Some joyous, some stressful,and others sorrowful.

She thought to herself, why send flowers or cards or the usual gifts, when I can provide nourishment for the body and soul, and so the Pie Society was born.

Not having to cook a meal during a busy time is so helpful. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has arrived home after a hard day, and not been able to face the prospect of that eternal question ”What’s for dinner?”

Imagine arriving home from hospital, brand new baby in tow, how fabulous to come home to a meal rather than flowers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fresh blooms, but sometimes it is great to be practical.

For Fathers Day this year, we gave my father in law a cheeky beef and stout pie, which he declared delicious and fit for a king!

Where Pie Society is concerned, you can always be assured of a quality meal. Also Emma is always adding new more-ish goodies to her repertoire.

Pie Society offers a scrumptious range of fillings, such as cheeky beef and stout, chicken with leek and thyme, minty lamb, classic beef mince with caramelized onion and for the non meat eaters, a mushroom and goats cheese variation.

A yummy pie is also the perfect housewarming gift, designed to feed a family of 4, or maybe it’s too tempting to share (just keep it all to yourself).

These tasty pies are presented in gorgeous enamel pie tins, which are re-usable, and are accompanied by creamy mash, minty peas and luscious onion gravy. For the warmer months, delicious salads are a refreshing change for the palate.

Emma bakes her pies using locally sourced produce that is free range, grass fed and free of chemicals, nitrates and hormones.

Fresh frittatas and holiday specials including a pumpkin pie for those American expats missing the edible comforts of home.

Why not give a gift voucher?

This way the lucky recipient can choose their favourite fillings and when they would like it delivered. Too easy! Want one for yourself?

Jump on line and order the “not a gift pie”. This comes in a disposable foil dish and feeds four.

It’s also easy to just jump on line for ordering. www.piesociety.com.au

Oh and don’t forget the divine party pies that are available, always a favourite for your next soiree.

Just for Christmas, traditional fruit mince pies are on the menu too. They are heavenly – cranberries, cherries and a hint of orange zest make these a toothsome treat.

So next time you are scratching your head, stuck for an innovative gift idea, why not try the Pie Society? I can guarantee you will be coming back for a second helping!

Jo Bayley, Fashion & Foodie Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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