Prada ‘Hot Rod’ Shoes

Get your motor running ladies, Prada has just launched their new range of hot rod shoes!

These aren’t built for comfort, they’re built for speed* and if these babies don’t get those boys revving their engines after you I don’t know what will. You’ll have them turning left, when they wanted to go right!*

Miuccia Prada has done it again-after last year’s fabulous Miu Miu glitter booties (that I so covet and that, I think ,will be classic in years to come)-she will set hearts and legs racing to get a pair, in every style and colour.

Fashion is whimsical and Miuccia gets that!

Her spring/summer 2012 campaign features blonde bombshells and noir heroines resting on bonnets of fantastic classic cars. Lots of bold colours and shapes.


Just love that flats have been included to inject a little fun to a more casual look.

Loving big red lips with a cigarette hanging nonchalantly from them. Wedges so fast, blink and you will miss them! Stilletos so sexy you’ll be burning some serious rubber as you head out on the highway!

Can you imagine the envious stares you will get wearing these shoes as your taillights fade in the distance!

So book in for pampering pedicure, hitch a ride to your nearest Prada boutique and be taken on the ultimate road trip to style.









Watch The Video – Prada Spring Summer 2012


* The BoDeans, Ultimately Fine 1986.

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