Renewing Inner Self this Spring at Sydney in a Labyrinth

Emily Simpson at Sydney is raising funds to build a Laybrinth in historical Centennial Park. A labyrinth is not a maze, you don’t have to find your way out, it is a path that guides you towards enlightenment, inner well being and renewal. Emily advises that in September 2012 two very special Labyrinth walks will take place. The first is on at 6pm on Saturday, 1st September at the Mosman Art Gallery. Participants will be walking to the Sacred Poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, read by Kim Lewis and Bob Hughes and accompanied by Nila Hagglund on the Tabla. The second is at 11am on Sunday 23rd Sept in Centennial Park, where at the site of the proposed sandstone labyrinth they will walk a labyrinth painted on the grass. Walking it in’ together’ is the main aim. For directions to the site click here. If you are unable to make it that day, the painted labyrinth will remain in place for a couple of weeks, so you can visit it any time.  Emily has a huge growing community of supporters from all over the world helping her to complete the funding for this project. They have already raised 60% of the funds needed. Click here to donate now. Recapping Labyrinth upcoming events all the way until Xmas: Saturday, 1st Sept – Mosman Art Gallery – Poetry in Motion, Sunday, 23rd Sept – Centennial Park – Grass Labyrinth Walk, Sunday, 7th Oct – Mosman Art Gallery – Sacred Geometry Cards with Elizabeth Grace, Sunday, 4th Nov – Mosman Art Gallery – Labyrinth Walk with Annalise Thomas , Friday, 21st Dec – Centennial Park – Grass Labyrinth Walk

Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral France

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