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Robyn Bauer Artist in Residence at Ekka in August at Brisbane, courtesy of the artist

Currently producing various views celebrating life in the city and suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is Robyn Bauer, Artist in Residence at Ekka this year.

The Ekka is a Brisbane phenomenon – the population’s affectionate name for the Royal Queensland Show, which operates for about ten days annually in August.

It is all about bringing the best of country to the city to exhibit, promote and encourage the agricultural and industrial development of the state of Queensland.

Robyn kept everyone enthralled on a daily basis from her ‘Bauer Bower’ as she moved around the show posting her sketches and paintings online on her facebook page.


Robyn Bauer Artist in Residence at Ekka in August at Brisbane, courtesy of the artist

As it did in its earliest times today Ekka still provides a wonderful opportunity for country and urban residents to come together in a celebration of the unique Queensland lifestyle.

The art works Robyn produced at Ekka, along with many others will be on show at a solo exhibition of her works in the aptly named Petrie Terrace Gallery, at the headquarters of the Royal Queensland Art Society in Brisbane city October 11 – 23, 2016.


Robyn Bauer, black and white prints of scenes of Brisbane city 2016, courtesy Artist

Petrie Terrace is named for one of the cities founding father’s John Petrie (1822-1892), who was three times Mayor and an Alderman of the Brisbane council.

As the first Mayor at Brisbane, Petrie guided a community of free men in a city yet to be made. On Saturday September 3 1859 after a successful petition by 420 householders reported in the Moreton Bay Courier, Brisbane had been proclaimed a municipality. A further proclamation in the Government Gazette at Sydney on September 6 made it official.


Robyn Bauer 2016, Big black and white print depicting Brisbane City Hall, courtesy Artist

The Governor General of Australia at the time Sir William Thomas Denison appointed James Gibbon, Returning Officer for the Brisbane Municipality.

He declared the election of nine aldermen for the city of Brisbane on Thursday 13th October 1859 at Noon with John Petrie announced as Mayor.


Robyn Bauer 2016, Big black and white prints of scenes at Ekka, courtesy Artist

Petrie’s own story in the creation of the city and state meant he had to close the gap between function and finance.

He was elected to the North Brisbane School of Arts Committee and would have been amazed to see his vision of the city come to fruition as recorded by Robyn Bauer

Robyn lives and works in one of Brisbane’s most historic areas, Paddington, where she enjoys working ‘en plein air’, providing lasting impressions from many of its lofty vantage points.


Everyone’s favourite beach on Southbank at Brisbane, recorded by Robyn Bauer 2016, courtesy Artist

Brisbane has a robust cultural life, applying its creativity to generate innovative solutions in the fields of medical research, science, design, the arts, resource management and sustainable urban living.

It is a multicultural city of opportunity, one whose layers of diversity enrich ennoble and emboldens all who live within her boundaries.

Robyn Bauer is currently focusing on creating artwork that reflects the colour, vibrancy and atmosphere of Brisbane and its urban landscapes where tropical trees abound.


Robyn Bauer 2016, colourful lasting impressions, courtesy Artist

The art of life in the great south-east of Queensland in Australia is very different to Sydney and Melbourne, its early east coast rivals with their heavily influenced European and English architecture built of brick and stone.

Robyn Bauer’s work features worker’s cottages and Federation Queenslander Houses, a unique style of timber house on stilts with large verandah’s, catering to the climate of a sub-tropical city.


Robyn Bauer – Brisbane Stories exhibition to be held at the Petrie Terrace Gallery, Royal Queensland Art Society

Petrie convinced his colleagues that he wanted to deliver Brisbane as a dynamic ‘crucible for change’ and in just 157 short years their vision has been exceeded many times.

The change they encouraged others to embrace has been constant as well as socially progressive and is reflected in the design and arts of its society, which thankfully the very prolific artist Robyn Bauer is helping to record for posterity.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

rqa-robyn-bauerRobyn Bauer
Solo Exhibition
Petrie Terrace Gallery,

162 Petrie Terrace,
Brisbane City

Robyn Bauer’s most recent work is a celebration of Brisbane and the world right outside her Paddington back door.

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