Rocking The Real Life Runway – How to Wear This Season’s Trends

I thought this week we could decipher how to wear the key trends for next season.

It’s all well and good to love these new looks, but how do we interpret them off the runway?

In the real world we are not all Jen Hawkins beach babe vibe, or Jessica Gomes sultry bombshell.

We are all shapes and sizes, complexions and hair colours, so how do we stay on trend and rock it like the fab chicks we are?

First and foremost, never be a slave to the sartorial world. Even fashionistas such as the fabulously eccentric Anna Dello Russo, editor at large and creative director for Vogue Japan who designed an exclusive accessories line for H&M, have true conviction in what they wear.

She believes in her look, so we believe it too.

Here lies the trick, being comfortable in your fashion choices will always help you look good.

By comfort I don’t mean trackie pants in front of the TV comfort, it’s about looking in the mirror and saying “yes this works for ME”.

Being confident in your own skin is the best way of looking wonderful.

So lets take a look at the main trends seen just recently at both David Jones and Myer Spring Summer 2014 shows. The loose, wide leg pant.

Easily the most accessible to all figure types. It is all about proportion.

The most important thing to remember is balance. Keep the top fitted and simple. Wide up top and bottom, make for wide all over, not the silhouette we are aiming for!

The key is fit. A perfect fit around the waist, then just skimming over the derriere, to a length just showing the shoe.

This illusion produces long legs, to which in turn adds height, something which almost every girl aspires. I love this shape pant, 1940’s glamour in my eyes.

The added bonus is that they are super comfortable (in the trackies kind of way). Just think, no more circulation strangling skinny jeans!

Add a well cut blazer, or a sweet cashmere sweater, pick up an oversized clutch to balance out the look, and you are good to go.

The mid length skirt.

My personal favourite. This length is super flattering and wonderful for those who have a love hate relationship with their knees (I know I do).

Again it’s about proportion.

You can go for the pencil, the full or A-line in this length.

When going full, cinch that waist with a fabulous belt.

Perfect for everyone, especially those pear shaped lovelies, as it covers the hips and thighs and focuses on the top half of the body. Think “Dior New Look”.

Divine with a kitten heel.

The pencil, is super sexy and streamlined.

Those apple shapes may like to add a blazer or volume up top, to cover a tummy, so it’s all about their fantastic pins.

Hourglass figures, try a slim belt to keep focus on the waist. Think “Mad Men” magnificence. Go the high heel pump with this look.

The A-line can be like the wide leg pant of the skirt world, just skimming off the hips, it is subtle and hides a multitude of sins!

I love this for summer with a fitted T-shirt, gorgeous flats and a basket shaped bag.

Makes me think of Capri!

The Midriff.

Arguably the hardest trend this spring/summer. Not for everybody, but still if you’re feeling game, go for it!

I really liked the “Ginger and Smart” interpretation at David Jones. They were clever in their use of the 3 piece ensemble.

A fitted bra style, a relaxed pant, all pulled together under a loose blazer, was a sharp, sophisticated way of showing a little flesh.

Manning Cartell at Myer paired a mid length skirt with a gorgeous subtle midriff.

I think the main thing to remember when trying this look, is no navels need baring. Class all the way thank you!

Another way to embrace the midriff, is pairing the look with a high waisted skirt or pants, so there is little or no skin to be seen.

It still gives an up to the minute look.

So there you have it. Three key looks and how to make them work for you!


Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle

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