Scott McDougall – Land Marks Here & There Lethbridge Gallery

Scott McDougall 2Contemporary Australian realist painter Scott McDougall has an exceptional eye for detail with impressive realistic artworks that capture the beauty in both the urban and natural environments. His new exhibition Land Marks – Here and There will be at the very stylish Lethbridge Gallery at Paddington in Brisbane 16-28 August, 2014.

McDougall 2This exceedingly creative environment was always a delight to visit while I was living in Brisbane and these days they have a stable of painters that is second to none anywhere else in the country. Lethbridge Gallery was originally masterminded by brilliant artist Brett Lethbridge who is currently exhibiting in the USA.

McDougall 1Scott has an ability to capture a picture perfect scene, especially its atmospheric mood and the people. He truly captures life as it is with his careful choice of subject matter. Viewing his paintings you can feel the streaming sunshine, see the cracks in the pavement and be surrounded by busy streets. Scott says “My paintings reflect my passion for colour, texture and formal composition, and the excitement of travelling to new countries… every blemish is a part of it’s history, revealing obscure and often tantalizing insights into its country’s inhabitants and society.

Scott MacDougallThis is his first exhibition with the Lethbridge Gallery and his paintings dealing with his new location in the Tweed Valley after spending most of his life in the city. He will show a collection of works contrasting the beauty found both in the man-made and natural environments. Crumbling render, faded pigments, verdigris, scars, scrapes and scratches are only but starting points for Scott to begin to weave an all-important narrative into his paintings.

McDougall 3Scott Mc Dougall ‘Land Marks – Here and There‘, Lethbridge Gallery, La Trobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland, 16th-28 August, 2014.

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