Seaburbia, nostalgic art for easy livin’

Noosa based painter Susan Schmidt has in the past painted Naturescapes and Cityscapes to great acclaim. Her latest works are part of the Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy Exhibition currently on display until 27th November at the Manyung Gallery at Mount Eliza in Victoria. This is one of the state’s oldest and largest contemporary art spaces, showcasing the very best of Australian paintings and sculpture.  Susan’s collection Seaburbia is inspired by the traditional Aussie ‘beach shack’, which is fast disappearing out of Australian beach side suburbs, especially around the Queensland Sunshine Coast where she lives. She has exaggerated primary and secondary colours, reminiscent of the 50’s, to evoke nostalgia and to create bold, contemporary interpretations on canvas. Often viewed as not being aesthetically pleasing, these houses were once places of pride, homes to dreams and aspirations and eagerly anticipated beach side holidays. Some live on, but all too often are delegated to the relics of fading memories, tentatively awaiting their future. The works are composed and painted in acrylic from photographed material in a hard-edge style. Sand, egg shell and shaved oil pastel are added for texture. Texture is pressed into impasto, patterns are stencilled and glazes are washed over layers of colour, creating a history in the works.

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