Sherbet Birdie Photography – Bringing Glamour Back

Have you ever dreamt of being someone else for a day?

Maybe fantasized about being a Vargas pinup from the 1940’s, Marie Antoinette, or maybe even a mermaid? If a day of pampering, escapism and fun is your fantasy, then Sherbet Birdie is for you!

Sherbet Birdie is the brainchild of photographer Sasha Dobies.

She has been in business for going on seven years, she recently spread her wings, flying south to Sydney from Brisbane.

Teaming up with make up artist Lucy Topp from Lucy Topp Make Up, these ladies have hit upon a winning formula for glamour photography.

As a dynamic duo, Sasha and Lucy are gorgeous girls, both inside and out. Making their clients feel special at every stage is their mission.

Be it the initial consultation, the hair and make up session, the French Champagne and sumptuous treats on offer (one needs a macaroon or two to keep ones energy levels up), to the photo shoot where the magic happens.

From the get go, you just know these girls are focused and professional in all aspects of their craft. Both have an incredible eye for detail in their chosen field, which gives you the confidence that you are in safe hands. This can be seen, not only in their attitude, but in the quality of the costumes and props, that have been collected from around the globe, and the amazing sets that have been painstakingly created by hand. Nothing is done by halves.

I love the vision and feel of these shoots, classy, strong, with a great sense of fun. The portraits exude sassy sex appeal and old Hollywood glamour. Va Va Voom factor 10!

Sasha and Lucy are always brainstorming new ideas for the next shoot.

Why just recently, a Marie Antoinette theme was great success. Their talents captured the decadence of Versaille and the court of Louis XVI perfectly.

All with a happy ending.

No “off with her head” just perfect photos!

These days with digital photography, you know Sasha is going to nail the perfect frame, and you get to view the finished portrait instantly. Too fabulous!

Naturally, a few touch ups and tweaks before printing are possible, just to be sure the subject looks perfect.

If royalty is not your thing, how about becoming Bella Propella, a flirty flight attendant, retro all the way, a mermaid or a burlesque bunny a la Dita Von Teese?

There are many more characters to choose from, including silver screen siren, cowgirl Cassie and naughty Bettie, a tribute to the infamous Bettie Page.

But it’s not just for the ladies, couples and kids are looked after too! So much fun for the little ones!

The location is perfect too. St Peters, next to Sydney’s hip Newtown, is so close to the city, it’s accessible to everyone.

I can’t help but think this would be a wonderful day to share with girlfriends, maybe even a hen’s party. Don’t all girls love getting dressed up and having their hair and make up done?

Sherbet Birdie gives women of all ages, shapes and sizes a chance to discover their beauty on camera.

While many women do the glossies for a partner or loved one, the majority do it for their own pleasure.

Some even saying, that after they see their portraits, they finally see what their partner has known all along, that they are beautiful, strong women.

It’s all about celebrating curves and a positive body image.

You only have to take a look at their fantastic website and read some of the testimonials, they say it all!

As they say, “Whether you’re voluptuous, leggy, hippy or lippy, Sherbet Birdie knows you’re the poster girl of modern beauty”.

Discover your inner glammazon, with the help of Sherbet Birdie, become that drop dead gorgeous dame you’ve always wanted to be.

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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