Shoes or Bags, Name Your Poison

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she comes to an important realization, shoes or bags?

Personally, I always thought of myself as a shoe girl, but in the past few years my allegiance has swayed, could it be possible I’m a bag addict?

I have found myself swooning over handbags, left, right and centre!

Right now the Chanel clear perspex “Number 5” bottle bag is what I am coveting.

But with a hefty price tag of AUSD $11,750, I doubt Santa will be leaving this baby under my tree any time soon.

Well, a girl can always dream!

A good bag is an excellent investment. If well cared for and good quality it can last a lifetime, and be passed down to the next generation of family fashionistas.

This year, I fell for the gorgeous Gucci “Soho Disco” . It is close to bag nirvana for me, ticks all the boxes, design wise. Cross body, tick. Well made, tick. Practical size, tick. THE perfect red, tick.

I had to have it! So to realise my dream, I asked family if they would like to chip in rather than buy me separate gifts, and then my gorgeous hubby added the rest.

I am now in possession of said item and an loving it!

A few years ago I managed to pick up a stunning tan leather “Lady Dior” whilst in Italy at the Dior outlet, just outside of Florence.

It was a substantial purchase, but I managed to get it for less than half the retail price in Australia.

She is beautiful, classy and chic, and will always hold happy memories of a sublime holiday.

While I am loving bags now, I have been known to cart around shoes in their boxes, while travelling.

I have since learnt to ditch the packaging, but always keep the dust bags. These are invaluable for protection and storage back home.

I always like to have new shoes fitted with non slip soles.

This protects the shoe from general wear and tear, and saves me from any embarrassing slip ups!

A good heel can lift a girls spirits and self esteem no end. Getting an extra couple of inches is always covetable and makes a woman feel sexy.

I’m a bit of a boot girl, and am loving the red suede ankle boots by Hoss Intropia at The Cook, His Wife and Her Shoes.

Queen of sole Regina, the divine store owner, has an eye for the unusual and unique.

Who wants a pair of shoes everyone else owns?

She is now stocking M Missoni, a young and fresh range, and has also added Tilly Rose, who create gorgeous loafers.

Sublime for our Sydney summer, and in fact all year round.

Now Regina is definitely a “shoe” girl.

Addicted to style and with a great sense of joi de vivre, she loves nothing better than a good heel!

If you are in Sydney’s Surry Hills pop in and check out her fabulous range. Not just shoes, but books and hosiery too.

The treads I am loving are the new Miu Miu.

Gorgeous gold leather and black suede, they are like a futuristic hybrid of 1930’s meets studio 54, just heavenly.

Might have to go the lay-by I’m always tell everyone is such a good idea.

A similar look, is by Marni.

Marni are usually known for their amazing neckpieces, and I have never explored their shoe range, but I will now.

I also love the “wink” loafers designed by The Blonde Salad blogger, Chiara Ferragni.

These are so much fun and provide a bit of bling for the magpies in us, and great for the lovers of flats.

Whatever you poison, choose wisely and always enjoy.

Remember whatever your size, bags and shoes don’t discriminate, which is what makes this part of fashion such a joy.

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2013

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