Shoulder The Season – Spring’s Freshest Trend says Jo Bayley

Off the Shoulder
Off the Shoulder

Rachel Gilbert, Shouldering the Season, courtesy designer

Sitting on my balcony on this gorgeous spring day, I started thinking about what we will be wearing this season.

All that beautiful sunshine and warmth is very inspiring and makes me feel like a shopping spree!

So what can we expect from Spring 2016?

Well, I think it will have something for everyone.

M & C 2

Manning and Cartell Shoulder Exposure, courtesy designers

My prediction is it’s all about the shoulder.

Whether it’s off the shoulder, halter neck or cut out detailing, this is it!

First let’s go cut out.

This is great if you don’t feel confident in baring too much flesh.

Just exposing the smallest section is a great idea if your arms are on the larger size.

On the Edge

Manning and Cartell On the Edge Dress, courtesy desisgners

I found this fab Manning Cartell ruffle “On the Edge” dress in a ravishing red with just the right amount of openness to embrace the trend.

And it seems the brilliant sisters are all over this look.


Manning and Cartell, Eastern eye, courtesy designer

I also love the Manning CartellEastern Eye” long sleeve dress with its bold pattern on a white background is super fresh and super fun for the warmer months.

MC 3

Manning Cartell Point Blanc Dress

If you like something a little more classic, then check out the Manning CartellPoint Blanc” dress in black.

MC 4

Manning Cartell, Beautiful Chaos, Mini Dress courtesy designers

Flattering to any size I think. While you’re there take a look at their “Eye Spy” and “Beautiful Chaos” pieces too.

Manning Cartell l have always been a favourite label of mine.

Classic whilst being oh so on trend. Perfect for any age group. I adore off the shoulder and feel confident to wear something that exposes my neck too.


Rachel Gilbert, Shouldering the Season, courtesy designer

This Rachel Gilbert top is such a versatile number to have in any wardrobe.

Crisp white with an asymmetrical hem, sleeves fitted to the elbow then a soft romantic flare.

Team it with jeans for a casual lunch, fitted 3/4 black pants to go to a cocktail party and add a fabulous choker a glitzy clutch or metallic mini and sky high heels for a hot date!

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Oh, and if white is not your thing, it comes in deep sea navy too.


Manning Cartell, Eye Spy dress, courtesy designers

Sportsgirl has a cute little numbers at a great price point, as does Zara and Asos.

So it’s easy to find a style and price to suit everyone.

I don’t think the halter neck has ever gone out of style.

It’s a fabulous cut that draws the eye to the face and works for most women.

Either in a top or a dress, it’s an excellent choice for the sunshine.

One tip when wearing any of these styles, don’t forget the sunscreen!

I’ve been caught out before when wearing a cut out style and ended up with an uneven tan.

Not a great start to the warmer months!

M & C 3

Manning Cartell, Shot, courtesy designers

So there you have it, why not flash a little flesh this spring.

Its fun, a little cheeky and a great way to ease into the skimpier styles of the sizzling seasons.

jo-bayley-ciao-170Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

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