Sometimes Always Never – Searching for A Prodigal Son


SAN CBritain’s award winning actor Bill Nighy is quite my favourite British character actor of the past few decades. While living an extraordinary life, he remains humble and very endearing, while with his acting skills and craftsmanship, he continually display pathos, wry wit and plenty of charm.

In his many roles he also provides wonderful insights into the human condition, performing in his much valued laid back style.

SAN BStarting March 14, 2019, he will be featuring in a modern retelling of an old tale about an older son, who has become lost to his family, which includes his younger brother.

Bill Nighy plays Alan, a Scrabble enthusiast, who has been looking for his lost son for years since during a game, he threw a hissy fit and disappeared.

The witty script about this ‘waiting father’, promises to capture the shifting moods of this ageing head of a family in crisis, as he struggles to bring about a meaningful reunion. It’s really a parable about grace and redemption,

British actors Bill Nighy and Sam Reilly  in Sometimes Always Never, courtesy Transmission Films

British actors Bill Nighy and Sam Reilly in Sometimes Always Never, courtesy Transmission Films

The tale is all about a waiting father and his youngest son progressing and maturing by fault, while learning about themselves and how far they will go in putting aside resentment and blame, so they can meet on the common ground of love.

In writing the script and wanting to understand the psyche of Scrabble players, Director Carl Hunter and his associate producer Clare Heney, interviewed many enthusiasts at the National Scrabble Association championships in Durham.

Carl Hunter commented “This is Bill Nighy as we’ve never seen him before” he said.

SAN DHe also recalled that… “…I showed Bill a set of Polaroid shots of how I’d like the film to look and feel – and as I set them down in front of him he said that’s a film I want to be part of. It was a dynamite moment setting us on the road to making the script become reality”.

Continuing… he added “Bill Nighy, Sam Riley and Alice Lowe bring to the screen a chemistry which will keep you glued to their every word ”, he said.

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Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2019

Hurricane Films in association with Goldfinch Studios, Birdbox Finance and Bondit
present a Goldfinch Hurricane Production

SAN ASometimes Always Never

Distributed by Transmission Films

Cast (In Order of Appearance)
Alan: Bill Nighy
Peter: Sam Riley
Sue: Alice Lowe
Margaret: Jenny Agutter
Arthur: Tim McInnerny
Official: John Westley
Young Peter: Oliver Sindcup
Jack: Louis Healy
Rachel: Ella Grace-Gregoire
Desk Officer: Alan Williams
Waitress: Eithne Browne
Bill: Alexei Sayle

Line Producer: Thomas Mattinson
Production Designer: Tim Dickel
Costume Designer: Lance Milligan
Casting: Michelle Smith
Hair & Makeup: Zoe Brown
Sound: Clive Copland VFX Ben Louden
Edited: Stephen Haren
Composers: Edwyn Collins and Sean Read
Director of Photography: Richard Stoddard
Executive Producers: Bill Nighy, Andrea Gibson, Geoffrey Iles, Kirsty Bell, Jason Möring, Ron Möring, Phil McKenzie, Sarada McDermott, Luke Taylor and Matthew Helderman
Producers: Roy Boulter, Alan Latham and Solon Papadopoulos
Scriptwriter: Frank Cottrell Boyce
Directed: Carl Hunter

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