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Whether you are sleek and sophisticated or wild and sexy, this summer there is a ‘hair’ look for everyone. It’s all about interpretation!

With Spring – Summer it’s all about feeling fresh and relaxed, an extension of the fashion that we will be wearing.

Runway shows can be over the top, both with proportion and drama.

Hair and make up needs to help tell the story, expand the vision that the designer has dreamed up.

Sometimes this can mean outlandish colours, ten foot teasing to baroque powdered wigs. Looks as surreal as a Salvador Dali painting.

What I do know is, what we see after Fashion Week is over, are the toned down translations of these vivid visions.

So what will we be seeing?

I think the mid length bob will stay as one of the most accessible styles. This look suits most women and can be changed in an instant.

Personally, I love a slight concave look, maybe an inch shorter at the back tapering to a longer front.

If you like to change your part from side to middle, or left to right, ask your hairdresser to cut it with a middle part.

This stops the style looking uneven, and any stray long pieces.

This look can be blow-dried straight with volume, super sleek using a straightening iron or curled with tongs to give soft sexy waves.

How great is that, three looks with one haircut.

If you add the advantage of changing your part, and having just enough length for a short ponytail, it is even more versatile.

The pixie cut. Not quite as easy to pull off as the bob, but if you have the confidence, this is super stylish.

I’m loving the divine Michelle Williams locks in her new campaign for Louis Vuitton.

It’s a little messy, a little dangerous and dead sexy.

There are many varieties of this gamine look.

Mia Farrow was famous for her super short style created by Vidal Sassoon.

You need fine features and a small face to wear this well.

Slightly longer with a sweeping fringe is more ideal for most people.

Don’t be fooled in thinking this requires no effort.

To get that ” I haven’t done a thing” look needs product and patience.

Braids will be bigger this season.

We began to see this look filter into fashion shows at the beginning of the year, when many couture houses were channeling a strong ‘Baroque’ feel.

With TV hits such as Game of Thrones, The Borgias and The Vikings, expect to see this look trending for Spring and Summer.

Great for in-between days, this look doesn’t have to be perfect, messy and tousled is highly acceptable.

Speaking of messy and tousled, curls will be more refined.

Rather than that “beach head” vibe, think more polished and brushed out.

Hot roller sets will be back with a vengeance.

Think smooth locks with a defined partline, a la Blake Lively.

Such a classy look, for day or night.

I haven’t forgotten the guys!

As I always say, grooming is paramount!

Grungy, bedhead doesn’t mean hobo boys!

If you don’t like to shampoo to often, make sure you rinse thoroughly every couple of days.

This allows the scalp to breathe and stop any itching.

A lot of men think they have scalp problems and use a strong anti-dandruff shampoo.

This can do more harm than good, stripping out the natural oils.

As a result, the scalp produces more sebum, over compensating for the lack of natural oils.

Sometimes scalp problems are actually eczema or psoriases.

These require totally different treatments.

Always ask your stylist or doctor if unsure, they are happy to help.

This season think “Great Gatsby” style, clippered short through the back and sides, left longer through the top and a defined part.

Pomade is the perfect styling product for this look.

Longer hair is still in, not ’90’s ponytails, but just grazing the shoulders.

Use a styling paste to tame this rock star look.

The buzz cut, also worn so well by Brad Pitt is always in, the most low maintenance look.

Just remember to keep the neckline and sideburns clean and tidy.

Spring into the hottest hair looks with ease, choose your style and work it!

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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