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streetfunder-1Become a StreetFunder today. Help StreetSmart Australia support and fund grassroots projects that benefit those experiencing homelessness.

StreetSmart Australia supporters believe no one should be without a safe and secure place to call home.

Adam Robinson StreetSmartLaunched by CEO Adam Robinson in 2003, StreetSmart Australia has annually conducted major fund raising events CafeSmart and DineSmart, to aid those helping those in need and supporting our society.

They take action against homelessness, raising funds to enable dedicated givers working at the coal face where the demands on their time are urgent.

While all this has been going along they have also been raising funds through an online donate page with regular monthly givers. Slowly and steadily their contributions have added up to $100,000 +

Now StreetSmart Australia are seeking to expand that band of 36 regulars via their new initiative StreetFunder into many many more people donating small amounts monthly, the funds helping with campaigns delivering daily help.

showervanFor example: the road costs in October will be for the Orange Sky Shower Van which offers such an uplifting service for those without a bathroom.

How good is it to feel clean! Such a great service boosts morale and expands hope that life can get and be better.

These smaller organisations provide critical services for people in need. However they struggle with a lack of resources to access the networks for grants and funding. This is where StreetSmart Australia steps in.

StreetSmart-helping-the-homelessThe StreetSmart Australia pledge to the StreetFunder is to ‘… seek out and fund a different project every month and to provide their regular givers with feedback on community impact’.

They promise 100% of the funds (your donation less processing fees) will be passed along.

The suggestion for monthly giving are modest, although you can up the ante if you choose.

You can also encourage your co-workers at the office, your colleagues at the club, sporting pals, friends and family to become a StreetFunder and help someone else to fly.

HomelessHomelessness is not a lifestyle choice.

It is a happenstance of life many people are forced to adjust to. If we are honest, it could happen to each and every one of us at any time, even those in society who truly have a long way to fall.

No one chooses to not have a home and with the way our world is going at the moment, being homeless for many is of increasing concern, especially those striving just to keep their heads above or at the poverty line.

Home Grown 2Home is more than a habitat. It’s a place where our heart and mind are bound together, a place where you can come to terms with who and what you are in terms of self, family and friends.

Psychologists tell us whether in a cave or custom built on a fancy crescent, a home is a basic need of all human beings; home is home…. ‘and everything else is not home’…

Xmas Angel on White BackgroundChristmas is rushing up soon and the November StreetFunder Project of the Month will be Hawkesbury Helping Hands.

Xmas FoodThe funds raised through StreetFunder will be supporting them to put on a Christmas dinner and to provide services over the Christmas holidays, making sure people on the streets and socially isolated, have somewhere to go and someone to talk to over the holidays.

Please become a StreetFunder today.

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Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

Watch a Short Interview with Adam Robinson CEO of StreetSmart Australia

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