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Baby 2Are you alarmed about the extraordinary household waste popping up in communities all over Australia, where vacating tenants just dump nearly all their household items onto the footpath and leave them for someone else to clean up? This is certainly happening in the suburb where I live, an alarming trend it reveals a great deal about just how much our collective societal responsibilities seem to have broken down. Among the piles is an enormous amount of bedroom furniture and bedding, which is often in new condition, used for just a few months and dumped.

What we need to do is encourage everyone to find out before they start dumping, where they can re-home as much as possible of what they do not need any more.

Re-homing is such a positive word, meaning so much more than recycling; indicating warmth, love, shelter, thriving, security and a strong sense of purpose.

StreetSmart Australia through their Community Grants have funded some 78 projects recently, supporting such diverse groups as women’s refuges, veterans living rough, those at risk of being homeless, those that are, especially a homeless shower project that brings hygiene to supply dignity, which in turn inspires opportunity.

Then there is rehoming cots for kids.

Monthly baby sleeping on the armRehoming cots by giving them to parents or prospective parents who need them urgently is an additional funding project for the caring people at StreetSmart Australia based in Melbourne.

Their AusCommunity Grants supports the amazing work of both the St Kilda Mums and Eureka Mums, voluntary networks that have been founded in in Victoria, Australia to help those just battling to survive.

These new charities believe that ‘no child should go without the basic material needs’, as well as loving parents. But how do parents who spend all the time worrying and stressing out with fear over being unable to provide, gain the basics to help them as they strive to have an opportunity to thrive.

So far this year Streetsmart Australia have helped re-home 473 cots in Melbourne and 52 in Ballarat with their help.

Streetsmart 1One grateful mother expressed how much it meant to her…

I’m so grateful that this service is available because it truly has helped me out so much as I just had no way of affording any of these necessary items. I am now very excited to welcome my daughter into the world and I look forward to her arrival as earlier I was extremely stressed out about not having anything for her’

Streetsmart Australia was originally formed to take ‘action against homelessness’.

Their events and campaign raise vital funds and awareness for small, ‘hard to reach’ grassroots homeless services and projects’.

Many of the projects are taking place at the coalface of society, with Streetsmart Australia taking on the role of fundraiser.

Their expanding role in yet more community ‘need’ projects reveals just how many people out there existing on or below the poverty line and are in need of help.

In Streetsmart Australia‘s words….

We believe no one should be without a safe and secure place to call home.

We are a unique bridge between the community and small, grassroots agencies that assist people experiencing homelessness at the point of real need.

Streetsmart 2We support critical services and emergency aid as well as projects that promote social inclusion, empowerment and sustainable change for people who are homeless.

Due to a lack of resources and people these smaller services struggle to fundraise and make connections in the community – this is where we help out.

When money is raised from the public through our ‘dine out …help out’ event and online, 100 per cent of donations are distributed in the form of grants. To date we have raised and distributed over $3.8 million to 452 organisations funding 1150 projects.

Will you help too?

StreetSmart460Contact: StreetSmart Australia
Phone: (03) 9836 1887
Email: [email protected]

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