Stuccatori’s Art

“Stucco” is an Italian term, denoting a mixture of lime and marble, more widely used in Britain to mean internal or external lime-based or gypsum based plasterwork. This is a superb example of the Italian stuccatori’s art carried out in 1730 on the walls of the staircase at Mawley Hall, Shropshire. Its superb pastel colours and rippling handrail are unique features. Later in the eighteenth century Scottish born London based architect Robert Adam and his family seized on opportunities to assist him complete interiors in the neoclassical style. They acquired the patent of Rev. David Wark’s modern stucco, producing it at their works. This one invention enabled house fronts to be plastered, columns fluted and pediments ornamented in double quick time.  It was only in the latter part of the nineteenth century that the term stucco came specifically to signify lime render applied to the exterior of a house.

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