Suit Yourself This Spring Guys – Take the Floral High Ground

Boys in Bale 2
Boys in Bale 2

Australian Menswear label M.J. Bale, Spring Suiting Stars – Porton navy Jacket

It seems that the lead up to spring 2016 is blooming for all the gentlemen out there.

Full Length Floral Jacket

Australian Menswear label M.J. Bale, Spring Suiting Stars – Porton navy Jacket

I’ve noticed lots of colour, prints and patterns already gracing the windows of our menswear boutiques and department stores.

Aussie label M.J. Bale‘s “new arrival Spring suiting stars” seem to be diverting everyone’s attention.

It’s really quite exciting.

Often the gorgeous men folk in our lives can be a little overlooked in the sartorial splendour department.

Goodness, they’ve not looked so ‘absolutely fabulous’ in such a long time.

This year I see a return to a little fun. And who doesn’t love that!

M.J. Bale have produced a simply stunning range for ‘well dressed gentlemen’ this season.

Blazers like the palm leaf covered “Porton” navy jacket. Fully lined in a tropical print, it has a toned down “Miami” feel.


Australian Menswear label M.J. Bale, Spring Suiting Stars – Eales striped Jacket

And the striped “Eales” jacket has a preppy “mad dogs and Englishman” vibe.

Just perfect for the stylish man about town.

And if you’d like to follow a very stylish man check out the “man in the striped shirt” on Instagram, you don’t get more dapper than this uber cool gent!

Trio Boys in M J Bale

Australian Menswear label M.J. Bale, Spring Suiting Stars

I think this piece would be in his wardrobe in a flash.

Pair with the “Dean” off white denim jean and either a smart T-shirt or plain white shirt.

Don’t fight with the print, keep the rest simple and stylish.

Suede Blue Belt

Australian Menswear label M.J. Bale, Spring Suiting Stars – Neapolitan Suede Belt

And the “Neapolitan” suede belt in a choice of navy, green and grey and you’re finished to perfection.

Bale Boy

Australian Menswear label M.J. Bale, Spring Suiting Stars – H.Humes Leather Jacket

There will sure to be a bevvy of beautiful boys wearing the super H. Humes leather jacket from M.J. Bale, and grabbing a vintage car to go cruising in style.

Hemsworth in Bale

Chris Hemsworth wearing M.J. Bale Adriano Midnight Navy Velvet Jacket

Even Marvel’s ‘Thor‘, Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth, seems to be getting in on some of the action, wearing M.J. Bale‘s Adriano Midnight navy velvet jacket, he’s way out in front.


Australian Menswear label M.J. Bale, Cufflinks

Never forget how essential a sublime accessory is.

It’s the little touches that can make or break your look.

I adore a french cuff, and cufflinks are a fun way to express yourself if you have to be a touch on the conservative side.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and be a little outrageous.

Let your personality shine through with your choice, it’s subtle, but you would be surprised at how many people notice.

And feel free to add a bit of pizzaz with a colourful tie. Try colours you wouldn’t normally dream of wearing.

Suited Up

Australian Menswear label M.J. Bale, Spring Suiting Star

That being said, make sure it’s a hue that flatters your complexion. A red head in a red tie is never a great look.


British designer Paul Smith with his Spring 2016 collection for Men

British label Paul Smith is always a “go to” label.

He has such a sense of whimsy and humour in his designs.

Paul Smith Accessories

Paul Smith Accessories

Fantastic colour and fabrics, topped off by streamlined design, you can’t go wrong.

Paul Smith Duo

Duo – British designer Paul Smith, Spring 2016 collection for Men

jo-bayley-ciao-170So this spring why not take a walk on the wild side and embrace the print.

It’s stylish, fun and an easy way to inject an easy style into your wardrobe.

Leap into the colour of Spring, its a stunning season.

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

MJ Bale FloralM.J. Bale

Paul Smith MenPaul Smith


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