Suzie Idiens – ‘All things being equal’ 2-27 July, Gallery 9

At Gallery 9 in Sydney aritst Suzie Idiens fourth Solo exhibition reveals her monochrome and sculptural artworks.

They hang superbly in this Gallery converted Federation house.

The pristine white walls are the quintessential setting for the exploration of black in her artworks.

Suzie was born in the United Kingdom but now lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

She “purposely migrated to Australia because of the light” and it gave her more freedom and credibility to investigate and discover the effects of the absorption of light particularly in relationship to black.

The high-gloss qualities of polyurethane, the combination of pumice and a variety of paints and matt finish are all explored in her work.

The varied processes in her work require patience, perfection and time.

From approximately two dozen sketches that begin the design process, Suzie has created ten of  her ‘black’ artworks for this exhibition.

The other processes of construction and finishing are extremely slow and demanding.

Consequently, this body of work has taken well over two years to complete.

Suzie Idiens’s work of the last several years has been an ongoing investigation into the question of how a simple, wall-mounted object can possibly convey or invite emotion.

She is occupied by decisions about the form, composition and colour[s] of the object, and frequently finishes the object with a painted surface in which the observer meets their own reflection.

She intends an experience in which the observer perceives their relatedness to the object in its surrounding space’.

I was challenged by the power of the forms and the execution of this erudite and minimalist aesthetic work.

I have been to two of her past Solo Exhibitions and one Group Exhibition and wait with immense anticipation for her next show.

Rose Niland, Features Correspondent NSW, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014

Images: courtesy Artist Suzie Idiens and Gallery 9

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