Sydney Siege, Pakistan Slaughter – Holding Hope & Love High

Sydney Siege ReliefIf we are to win the war on terrorism and as hard as it is, whenever such terrible events happen as the appalling Sydney siege, and as I am publishing this, the senseless slaughter of so many innocent children in a school in Pakistan, we must hold onto hope and love.

Culture in the twenty first century is about how we make love and war, maintain bodily health, mental strength and inner wellbeing. It is also about behaviours and beliefs, our moral and social mores.

Keeping the glass half full metaphorically this Xmas of 2014 for those who live in Australia will be hard. However we must do it showing solidarity for the families grieving for their loved ones lost in the Lindt Café siege in Sydney,

It must be a time for considered reflection; we need to make it a time, when as extended families come together, that we talk about the things that hurt.

It is important to shape a set of aims and ideals that have respect for, with an appreciation of, the traditions, foundations, possibilities and frailties of human nature

sydney-siege-tributes-16All people, regardless of race, ethnicity and creed, who live in Australia from the 21st century onward will need to pull together as one, especially if we are to define and shape the continuing development of our nation and its multi cultural concepts.

We cannot do that without regard and respect for each other’s stories.

We need to also respect new ways of thinking, encourage those with a genuine interest in ideas, discuss the changes in our society and close the divisive gaps that exist between the diverse groups of peoples now integral to our population.

They should not feel, or believe that they are on the outside looking in.

SolidarityCreating a climate and method that will see local, state and national communities actively involved in communicating with each other and government representatives that result in positive action is a priority.

We must be especially aware of how important the practical things are – how we meet and greet each other, conduct ourselves in regard and respect for those around us and how, through the every day rituals we perform we display our manners and etiquette.

Join hands across the world this Xmas.

Keep the message of caring, courage, compassion and love alive.

WreathLest we forget.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014


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