Fragment of Facade of Complesso di San Firenze, Florence, Italy

Italy: Place of Pilgrimage – Fusion of Art, Nature & Culture


Italy and its wealth of historical ruins and art treasures still provides a rich record for visitors tracing man’s journey from prehistory to the present day


Abydos & Herculaneum – Helping Us to Understand Antiquity


Professor O’Connor and Professor Wallace-Hadrill have spent a great deal of time excavating and conserving sites that continue to yield spectacular discoveries


An Ancient Roman Villa – A Cultural Ideal of Rural Life Pt 2


A villa in ancient Roman times was all about the cultural ideal of rural life and in it, surrounded by nature, man could become the master of his own destiny

Villa Vetti

An Ancient Roman Villa – A Cultural Ideal of Rural Life Pt 1


Roman commentator Pliny the Elder recorded two kinds of villas: villa urbana, a country seat easily reached from Rome and villa rustica, the farm-house estate


Italian Villas & Gardens – The Fatal Gift of Beauty & Water


The continuing tradition of Italy’s villas fountains and gardens reveal their national love for festive display and enjoying the fatal gift of beauty and water

Villa Capra, 'La Rotunda' by Venetian Architect Andrea Palladio in the Veneto, Italy

La Casa di Villa – Dwelling under the Tent of Heaven


The precise location of heaven on earth has never really been established, but it could very well be a villa designed to cultivate the head heart body and soul

Eruption of Vesuvius 79AD – Apollo Saettante, Silent Witness

Apollo Saettante, a Silent Witness – Vesuvius Eruption, 79AD


In 2009 and 2010 the Getty Villa Museum undertook re-stabilisation of the statue of Apollo Saettante, in consultation with Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples