Chinese Culture

Detail of 17th-century portrait of Murasaki Shikibu, wearing the j?nihitoe, by Tosa Mitsuoki (1617–1691)

The Tale of Genji: A Japanese Classic Illuminated at The Met


Written c1000 at the imperial court in Japan by the Lady Murasaki Shikibu The Tale of Genji has had a profound effect on the evolution of literature and romance

1st Monday May

First Monday in May – Jo Reviews Fashion’s Exclusive Party


The First Monday in May, maybe just another day to many, but to those in the heady world of haute couture it’s the day for the super bowl of fashion – The Met Gala Ball held in New York City. Just what does it take to put on fashions night…

Taking Tea

Chinese Ceramics, Pt 2 – Am Glad I Was Not Born Before Tea!


With an assorted assemblage of porcelain wares being used for the tea ceremony in England imports of tea alone multiplied some forty times between 1723 and 1830


A Chinese Garden – The Rhythm of Nature Refreshing the Heart


In China a garden is where all the arts come together. A Chinese garden is a microcosm of the macrocosm a small complete expression of the vastness of nature

Castiglione Detail Yellow Horse

Giuseppe Castiglione – Painter @ Court of 3 Chinese Emperors


Painter and Jesuit Priest Giuseppe Castiglione arrived in China in 1715 and passed his life at the Court of Emperors K’ang-hsi, Yung-cheng and Ch’ien-lung


The First Emperor of China – Seeking the Mandate of Heaven


Today the first Emperor of China’s terracotta army has no battles to fight, but rather it seeks to win the war for China about culture as art