Three Kings

Epiphany: Gold, Frankincense Myrrh – Three Wise Men or Kings


January 6, climax of the Twelve Days of Christmas celebrating The Epiphany, as three wise men or kings came with gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh for Jesus


Books and on Being a Bibliophile – Heartbreak and Happiness


Being a bibliophile is not only about heartbreak, but also happiness too and spending a rainy day reading in bed or on the sofa is certainly my idea of luxury

Progress – Building Social Capital and Mutual Goodwill

Progress – Building Social Capital and Mutual Goodwill


Progress hinges not on eradicating mistakes, but on our success at perpetuating them – by making good mistakes we learn to forgive, progress and mature by fault

Diana - The Hunt

Diane de Poitiers – Moon Mistress and Woman of Influence


Wearing black and white was a statement of style for the mistress of Henri II of France Diane de Poitiers who adopted Goddess Diana’s crescent moon as a symbol

Villa Capra, 'La Rotunda' by Venetian Architect Andrea Palladio in the Veneto, Italy

Andrea Palladio Architect – In Pursuit of the Perfect House


Despite evolving societies and technology a villa remains a place where one can dwell “under the tent of heaven”. Is Andrea Palladio’s villa the perfect house?

The Failure of Sir Gawaine: Sir Gawaine and Sir Uwaine at the Ruined Chapel, Number 4 of the Holy Grail tapestries woven by Morris & Co. 1891-94 for Stanmore Hall

Tapestry Tales – Weaving the Threads of Destiny


In Greek Mythology the three Goddesses of Destiny and Fate were recorded in many formats, including tapestries that depicted them weaving the threads of destiny


The Mirror – Mastering Reflection or Eye Catching Deception


Described as the ‘matrix of the symbolic’ the Mirror has accompanied the human quest to know and understand our own identity… who is the fairest of them all?

Tower of Pisa

Towers – Symbols of Hope and Freedom


Prior to the twentieth century towers were built as symbols to the heights of material wealth and prosperity the western world had yet achieved.

Stunning Collection 19th century archaeological Jewellery V & A Museum London

Creating Love Jewellery – Cupid to Cartier


From Cupid to Cartier; Rome to Renaissance, Restoration to Revolution, Regency to Revival, or the Romantics to Retro, for centuries we have created love jewelry


Jeanne Antoinette Marquise de Pompadour – Woman of Influence


French painter François Boucher produced many of the images we have of Jeanne Antoinette, Marquise de Pompadour, official Mistress of King Louis XV of France