La Dame a la Licorne

Tapestry by van Aelst, Designed by Pieter Coecke van Aelst (Netherlandish, Aelst 1502–1550 Brussels), ca. 1548. Story of Creation: God Accuses Adam and Eve after the Fall (detail). Woven under the direction of Jan de Kempeneer (Netherlandish, active 1540–56) and Frans Ghieteels (Netherlandish, active ca. 1545–after 1581), by 1551. wool, silk and gilt metallic thread

Tapestry: Thousands of Threads Weaving the Story of Life


Tapestry is a hand-woven material with a ribbed surface created as the design is woven, the combinations of threads forming a picture, weaving the story of life


The Lady and The Unicorn and ‘Millefleurs’ Style Tapestries


The Lady and the Unicorn medieval ‘Millefleurs’ Style Tapestries represent the important human senses; sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch as well as desire!

The Failure of Sir Gawaine: Sir Gawaine and Sir Uwaine at the Ruined Chapel, Number 4 of the Holy Grail tapestries woven by Morris & Co. 1891-94 for Stanmore Hall

Tapestry Tales – Weaving the Threads of Destiny


In Greek Mythology the three Goddesses of Destiny and Fate were recorded in many formats, including tapestries that depicted them weaving the threads of destiny