Marquise de Pompadour


Jean-Marc Nattier’s Ladies – Potential through Patronage


Portraitist Jean Marc-Nattier’s delicate images of eighteenth century French ladies, helped drive intellectual change until realism was preferred over fantasy


The Mirror – Mastering Reflection or Eye Catching Deception


Described as the ‘matrix of the symbolic’ the Mirror has accompanied the human quest to know and understand our own identity… who is the fairest of them all?


Jeanne Antoinette Marquise de Pompadour – Woman of Influence


French painter François Boucher produced many of the images we have of Jeanne Antoinette, Marquise de Pompadour, official Mistress of King Louis XV of France

Detail Le Petit Dejeneur

The Rococo Style – Sophisticated and Yet Enchantingly Pretty


The Rococo style was delicately elegant with a distinct preference for asymmetry. It was presided over by France’s King Louis XV’s mistress, Madame du Pompadour, a sophisticated lady of impeccable style.