The Culture Concept – Art Design & Style, Free Video Series


The Culture Concept Circle videos survey the progress of architecture, gardens, interiors, paintings, sculpture & objet d’art FREE – Antiquity to Renaissance


Plato and Philosophy – Renaissance Gardens and Earthly Love


Renaissance designers grasped the idea of a garden everyone would be happy enjoying life and love in together as in Arcadia pastoral home of the Ancient Greeks

Music and Architecture

Music – Harmony from Apollo to Palladio & Mozart to Jenkins


Music based on philosophies and principles established by legends of Apollo and the ancient Greeks comes to us via Vitruvius and Palladio from Mozart to Jenkins

Villa Capra, 'La Rotunda' by Venetian Architect Andrea Palladio in the Veneto, Italy

Andrea Palladio Architect – In Pursuit of the Perfect House


Despite evolving societies and technology a villa remains a place where one can dwell “under the tent of heaven”. Is Andrea Palladio’s villa the perfect house?

Stunning Collection 19th century archaeological Jewellery V & A Museum London

Creating Love Jewellery – Cupid to Cartier


From Cupid to Cartier; Rome to Renaissance, Restoration to Revolution, Regency to Revival, or the Romantics to Retro, for centuries we have created love jewelry

Amorini in a wallpainting in the Casa Vettii at Pompeii

Love Jewellery – Rome to Renaissance Pt 1


A belief gold and gemstones had an effect on the affairs of many has not been limited to any culture and tokens of human affection were jewelled objects of love


Leon Battista Alberti – On Beauty and Progressing the Arts


An advocate of humanism and a mutil-talented Renaissance man Genoese born architect Leon Battista Alberti was one of the most brilliant celebrities of his day

Detail: Garden, The Met Cloisters, New York

Unicorns in Medieval & Renaissance Art – On Show at New York


An exhibition on the theme of the unicorn in medieval and Renaissance art will mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of The Cloisters at The Met Museum, NY

Villa San Michelle Garden

The Alchemy of Staying Well – In a Renaissance Garden


When in 1563 Humanist Poet Annibal Caro retired into private life, to alternate between Rome and the countryside, he said ‘I seem to have found the alchemy of staying well’