Thomas Sheraton

Reading from Moliere

Chairs: Stylish Seating – Age of Elegance to Enlightenment


Stylish Seating from the Age of Elegance to the age of Enlightenment was about aesthetic beauty and comfort with designer Thomas Chippendale leading chair style

A George II Carved Mahogany Side-table Attributed to Giles Grendey courtesy Apter Fredericks, London

18C English Gentleman’s Furniture – Style Nurturing The Soul


Eighteenth century English gentlemen believed the character of the master of a house can be judged by the manner in which it is arranged decorated and furnished

Antique Commode

Antique, Masterpiece, Collectible – Recycle on a Grand Scale


An antique is something that was made in a previous era, however, according to antique dealers, their associations and the tax man, it is not really that simple