Women of Influence

Diana - The Hunt

Diane de Poitiers – Moon Mistress and Woman of Influence


Wearing black and white was a statement of style for the mistress of Henri II of France Diane de Poitiers who adopted Goddess Diana’s crescent moon as a symbol


Jeanne Antoinette Marquise de Pompadour – Woman of Influence


French painter François Boucher produced many of the images we have of Jeanne Antoinette, Marquise de Pompadour, official Mistress of King Louis XV of France

Angelica Kauffman, Self Portrait between Music and Painting

Angelica Kauffmann Artist – A Woman of Influence & Style


In the eighteenth century women usually painted under assumed male names and often their work was re-signed and copied by unscrupulous collectors and dealers.

Detail Josephine

Empress Josephine at Château Malmaison – Woman of Influence


An impressive woman, Josephine (as Napoleon decided she should be known), aided his route to power and had a profound influence on the future of horticulture