TasmanianTimes.com – Free Speech, a Gift worth Fighting For

Editor Lindsay Tuffin of the independent newscaster TasmanianTimes.com has been a journalist for more than four decades, working throughout Australia and in the UK, from roles as a parliamentary reporter to editor. He is passionate about the search for truth and justice, ideas, running and conversation … always with wine and food! He and his team are advocates for the conservation and preservation of Tasmania’s natural beauty and for both ‘balance and truth’ in reporting. On their website he is quoted as saying “There is a strange joy in bearing witness to a truth about this world. For in bearing witness to the truth about others you discover yourself. And that is my joy … and my life”. TasmanianTimes.com provides a ‘forum of discussion and dissent – a cheeky, irreverent challenge to the mass media’s obsession with popularity, superficiality and celebrity’.

Tuffin who founded TasmanianTimes.com has a great many admirers out there, including leading Australian antiques dealer J.B. (John) Hawkins who suggested they may like to publish our piece about Peter Collonette and Tasmanian Fine Furniture. Subsequently a passionate TasmanianTimes.com reader added his testimonial. “Thanks for this superb article and excellent photographs. More please. Further evidence that TT gives readers some of the very best writing and pictorials. The visionary editor serves an ever-developing banquet, now gobbled up well beyond the platters of Tasmania. Remarkable to think that he launched with little other than his own enthusiasm and one tatty computer”.

Many on the mainland of Australia support the fight to preserve Tasmania’s great natural beauty. Known as Van Diemen’s Land until 1855, the island of Tasmania was renamed for Abel Janszoon Tasman, the Dutch navigator who discovered it in 1642, Tasmania today renowned for the world’s cleanest air, its pure water and pristine World Heritage listed wilderness with its rugged mountain ranges, dense rainforests, wild rivers and glaciated peaks.

TasmanianTimes.com under editor Lindsay Tuffin’s watch is a cornerstone for free speech in the Australian island state of Tasmania, which lurks with intent joyously at the bottom of the world.

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