The A To Z of Fashion Part Three with Jo Bayley

Here we go with the final installment of fashions A to Z.

We kick off with the letter R and take it all the way to Z.

Are you ready?

R is for Royalty.

For centuries the world has put Queens, Princesses, Duchesses and Dowagers under the style microscope.

With new editions to Royal families around the world, such as Catherine Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Mary of Denmark we have become even more fascinated with their sartorial choices.

These two in particular, are a breath of fresh air, both style wise and in their royal roles.

Their choices of mixing high end couture with high street pieces creates a buying frenzy with like minded young women.

It is the best advertising any chain of clothing stores could hope to have.

S is Swimwear.

Always tricky no matter how confident we are. Always shop with a plan and go on a day you are feeling good about yourself. I love that todays brands like Plush and many others, offer separates. Is anyone really the same size top and bottom?

T is Tactile.

The sense of touch is such a strong sensation.

I personally might love the look of a piece of clothing, but can recoil in horror if the feel is woeful.

I believe you should enjoy the feel as well as the look of your sartorial choices.

Take pleasure in the softness of pure cashmere, sensuality of slinky silk and gossamer lightness of chiffon.

It makes getting dressed each day so much more enjoyable.

U equals Unique.

Embrace your individuality and never aspire to cookie cutter beauty.

We cannot all be 5 foot 10 inches with sunkist skin and a flowing mane of waves like Gisele Bundchen, and lets face it, it would be pretty boring if we all looked the same. So if you are a flame haired, freckled beauty a la Julianne Moore, or ivory skinned with raven hair like Dita Von Teese, work it.

The essence of beauty is to be unique.

V loves Velvet.

One of my favourite fabrics.

A little bit gothic, a little bit rock n roll, velvet is sumptuous and sexy.

Think a midnight blue velvet tuxedo with not much underneath.

Look for good quality as inferior products doesn’t have the same feel and can get shiny quite quickly.

W Why Not?

Play with fashion.

It is frivolous and fun, not meant to be taken too seriously.

Mix it up, try wild card parings.

Spots with stripes, plaid with lace, leopard with everything!

Let your imagination run wild, if it doesn’t look great, take it off and start again.

That’s the fabulous thing about apparel, it lets you play.

Why not set aside a few hours one weekend and try crazy combinations.

You never know, you just might discover a favourite look.

X is expensive.

Ok, so I cheated a little on this one! But fashion can be an expensive game for those who are a slave to it, and even the ones who are not.

I’m sure we have all fallen in love with one piece that is beyond the budget. Maybe even spent the rent money or food allowance for the week or month just to have that gorgeous new trinket or a divine pair of shoes (I’m guilty!).

Just remember, lay-by is your friend.

Y is the genius of Yves Saint Laurent.

One of the most influential designers of our life time, Yves Saint Laurent was discovered after winning first prize in a competition sponsored by the International Wool Secretariat, for a cocktail dress of his design.

Soon after he was hired by the house of Dior.

After Christian Dior died Yves took over the house.

His designs caused controversy, but were well received. He founded his own house in 1961 and went on to create some of the most iconic looks of the 20th century.

Most recognisable is his “Le Smoking”, the fabulous tuxedo he sent down the runway in 1966.

his has been a staple in many womens’ wardrobes for years.

Now in 2013, under the moniker Saint Laurent, the house is seeing a new direction under designer Hedi Sliman.

He has taken classics and re-vamped them for todays audience.

Zzzzzzz, dreaming of fashion as I do often.

As Debbie Harry sang “dreaming is free” and as long as it is, I will drift away with my own thoughts of fabulous frocks, stunning shoes and glorious jewels.

Fashion to many may be seen as a contrived waste of time, but to me it’s wonderful.

In a world full of drama, sadness and unknowns, I love that I can escape into the pages of fashion magazines and racks of clothes.

It fills me full of joy, and if that makes me shallow, I’ll dive head first into a kiddies wading pool with no fear of touching the bottom!

CiaoJo Bayley, Fashion Editor, The Culture Concept Circle 2013

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