The Art of Trends – Jo Bayley Muses, The Next Best Thing?

Christina Hendricks- redhead-yellowIt’s interesting to see the effect art, film and music has on fashion.

Redheads look divine in yellow, just like Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, which as a rule they probably shouldn’t. However rules are made to be broken.

Why does a trend seemingly pop up out of nowhere?

How come we embrace a certain colour all of a sudden?

What dictates our “next big thing”?

Designers are influenced by their surroundings, and not just by fabulous fabrics.

Based in Britain, Serbian born Roksanda Ilincic takes inspiration from architecture and building materials.

It isn’t hard to see Dolce and Gabbanna are more than a little swayed by their Roman Catholic Italian upbringing.

They channel “glamorous Italian widow meets timeless actress Sophia Loren” constantly.

Dulux-Interior-Collaboration-with-Fashion-Designers-Yellowtrace-01Australian duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett from Romance was Born cite their connection to colour from an upbringing in rural NSW.

Every now and again I get a bee in my bonnet about a certain look or colour and I won’t rest until I have said item in my possession.

So a few things I am obsessing about for this summer are stripes, the two piece outfit and the colour yellow.

JPG-breton-stripeI started thinking “where has my need to wear stripes come from, and why now?” So if I really dissect it, the fascination started when I received the invitation to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the NGV.

As you may have seen in Fashion Elixir the man himself travelled down under to open this amazing collection, and because of this his signature Breton stripe was easing it’s way into the media.

Sometimes it’s a slow burn and other times it’s instantaneous. In this instance I feel it was bit of both. By the time the “enfant terrible” had arrived on our fair shores boutiques were awash with stripes, mainly the classic navy and white.

breton-stripeAmazingly, I can count four items in my wardrobe already, and these have been snapped up in the past three months, including a fab JPG long sleeve Breton stripe with silver buttons on the shoulders straight from the NGV gift shop.


Obsessed? Maybe just a little!

The two piece has been a little slow on the uptake, but I’m sure to embrace it early next year.

Absolutely loving the matching skirt and top ensemble.

There’s something so fresh and polished about this look, the perfect alternative to wearing a dress.

The trick to this working so well is the matching fabric.

Even though you are wearing separates, the eye is tricked into seeing one fluid piece.

One of the biggest trends for summer will be the “cut out”, so that subtle hint of skin could be provided by a midriff top and a high waisted skirt.

Lets keep it classy!

No pairing this style of top with a low slung skirt or hipster pants.

Country Road- two piece-shortsIt takes hot bod to pull that look off, and it’s very ’90’s!

If you’ve got it flaunt it and go for this cute shorts ensemble by Country Road.

I’m thinking of wearing my vintage taffeta skirt with my black and white striped bandage top, a modern take on ’50’s style.

I’ll add my Ferragamo basket bag and my patent leather red wedges to finish the look.

Sassy and fun.

So what about yellow I hear you ask?

Well it has to be that fabulous banana yellow, bright, clean and fresh!

Think the Duchess of Cambridge in her fabulous Roksanda frock.

When she glided down those airplane stairs in Sydney as bright as sunshine, I knew the wardrobe for this Royal tour was going to be amazing.

Prince William was understood to have said she resembled a banana, but I disagree. She was perfect for a blue sky day in an Australian Autumn.

Roksanda-dress-Kate Middleton

For me I’ll use this hue as an accessory rather than a major piece.

Yellow is a tricky colour to pull off. it’s all about finding the right shade to suit your skin tones.

The best thing to do is work out what “season” you are and go from there.

Cate Blanchett-Academy AwardsBlondes generally suit buttery soft yellows like the gorgeous Cate Blanchett when she won her Oscar for The Aviator, and brunettes a stronger shade.

Hoss Intropia-yellow-heelsRight now one of my favourite shoe boutiques The Cook His Wife & Her Shoes has a brilliant pair of yellow heels by Hoss Intropia.

They are the bomb!


So the the last question is “do I wear a two piece in yellow stripes” and embrace every trend possible?

Well I think you all know me by now that the answer is NO.

Maybe the yellow shoes with the two piece or stripes, or a striped two pieces as shown by Veronika Maine or Country Road.

Less is more for me.

But if you’re game, more is more!

Jo Bayley, Fashion Elixir, The Culture Concept Circle, 2014


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