The Australian Ballet – A Sleeping Beauty Awakening in Style

Ballet 1The bevvy of beautiful ballet boys playing courtiers or the nymphs all a flutter have been captured in all their finery so eloquently by photographer Kate Longley. They are indeed something to be behold. From the fabulous golden frogging to the tulle of the fairies tutus, from the garland dancer’s wigs to the wicked fairy Carabosse, a great deal of time, effort and style has gone into crafting of the new production by Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet artistic director David McAllister’s Sleeping Beauty.

Ballet 6Can hardly wait, my ticket has been burning a hole on my fridge door for months, given to me as a Septuagenarian birthday present, a treat I will enjoy there is no doubt, as I have long been a balletomaniac. My Aunty Girlie ran away to join the ballet after the visit of Diaghlev and the ballet Russes to Australian shores in the 30’s and she expounded its delights to me during the 50’s and 60’s.

Ballet 2It was my Nan who first took me to see the beloved by all classical dancer Kathleen Gorham (1928 – 1983) dance the role of Coppelia with Australia’s most famous dancer Sir Robert Helpmann as Dr Coppelius and I was hooked from that day onward.

The magnificent world premiere, which includes the beloved Bluebird Pas de deux, one of the definitive moments of all, has now taken place. If you want the perfect place to start your journey with the Ballet this must be it. Principal Artist Lana Jones shared her thoughts on being on stage and dancing the quintessential role of Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty. “I find this point of calm, when I’m in control: and I’m in this in-between state, between reality and something supernatural.”

Ballet 2There are lavish sets and costumes by Gabriela Tylesova and never-seen-before staging to showcase the beautiful princess frozen in time until she is woken by true love’s kiss. The film to promote it was taken at The National Trust of Victoria’s house Labassa.

With music by Piotry Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Original Choreography by Marius Petipa added to by McAllister who has designed this production, many philanthropists have been involved in providing the necessary.

David McAllister AM said “I feel like there are constant possibilities, and I find that intoxicating … it’s the thing that I love about this job.” This highly anticipated new production is all set to take history’s most loved fairytale into the modern age. The Australian Ballet | The Sleeping Beauty | Book Tickets |

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