The Australian Ballet – Behind the Scenes, Dreams & Dancers

Men en pointeMen on Pointe, guest stars from America, grind, glamour and Giselle, artists tete a tete or sharing thoughts careers and enriching experiences The Australian Ballet is going Behind Ballet as they reinvent the future of dance down under. Under the skilled direction of artistic genius David McCallister, there are special events, conversations and classes you can join into.

En Pointe 2Luke Marchant is one of the dancers doomed to dance ‘en pointe’ for a coming production, something men were not trained to do when they were 11 or 12. It’s difficult for them to achieve and takes patience, persistence and passion to achieve. Read More Men en Pointe

If you want to know what it is all about Coryphée Benedicte Bemet, seen most recently on Melbourne stages starring as Clara in The Nutcracker, takes viewers of her video through ‘a day in the life of a dancer, from morning commute to a solo in Suite en blanc to lights-out on the make-up mirror’.

Making a ballet has so many facets to its production and involves many people behind the scenes who support the dancers to help them achieve their best results. Dancers have an extraordinary ability to remember their steps, integral to their lifetime practice.

Gwendolynne-Burkin-Amber-Scott-Alice-Topp-Photography-Kate-Longley-1Fashion design is an important element in any production of any ballet. Designer Gwendolynne Burkin is currently working with Amber Scott and Alice Topp on costumes based on historical references bringing 1920’s 30’s and Gothic together in a new wave pared down vintage look. Costumes are recycled and re-used as much as possible, creating new pieces that will be treasured.

Ballet 2Tutus are the tools of the trade for the girls, enabling dancers to feel as if they are floating or flying through the air. Its all an important aspect and part of the romance attached to Dreams of the Ballet…  Be sure to Take in an Australian Ballet Performance soon – BOOKINGS

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