The B Team – Recommending Mobilisation & Action for 2016

People InteractingSurrounding yourself with a great team and working on projects you really believe in must be a wonderful aim and plan for corporate leaders of any age to endeavour to achieve, but most especially in the 21st century.

Leadership is all about empowering others and we all have the potential to influence and affect change. Businesses benefit by improving their reputation and gaining trust and loyalty. They also expand their ability to access new ideas, products and services from the community that gives them life.

For those who are young the opportunities are endless. For those in maturity, the opportunities to mentor are surely seductive. If you belong to The B Team established in 2013, you will add a whole new layer of excitement, expectation and excellence to what it is you are seeking to achieve in both corporate and personal life.

Plan A for many companies means they are happy with where they are, resting on their laurels., Companies following the plan being evolved by The B Team are seeking to continue to develop in ways that may have not at first seemed possible, with help from like minded leaders around the globe.

Sir Richard Branson

The B Team is in reality an ever-expanding social profit initiative with a shared value for business and communities. It has a host of leader members who believe that together they can achieve much more, than apart.

They welcome those ‘companies who put people and the welfare of our planet first by using clean energy, reducing their environmental impact, and doing so in such a manner that they help to reduce inequality and improve the health and wellbeing of people’ throughout their supply chains.

They are seeking to to expand to fifty (50) the number of CEO’s committing to lead their companies to become Net Zero by 2050, creating a future in which ‘the purpose of business will be to become a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit’ for all people.

This is an on-going process in collaboration with an ever-growing group of leaders now in more than 470 cities and 73 countries around the world.

The B Team includes such high flying luminaries as Sir Richard BransonMarc BenioffSharan BurrowKathy CalvinBob CollymoreDavid CraneArianna HuffingtonDr. Gro Harlem BrundtlandtDr. Mo IbrahimGuilherme LealStrive MasiyiwaBlake MycoskieDr. Ngozi Okonjo-IwealaFrançois-Henri PinaultPaul Polman,Mary RobinsonRatan TataZhang YueProfessor Muhammad Yunus, and Jochen Zeitz.

Sir Richard Branson with WhiteKnightTwo, Air Venture, Oshkosh 2008

Throughout 2015 The B Team was kept busy drafting a roadmap pointing the way towards a sustainable future.

Now to maintain the momentum from the Paris Climate Agreement brought to fruition in February 2016, as well as newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they are recommending mobilisation and action during 2016.

At Paris, 195 countries adopted an ambitious global climate agreement with a clear aim of hastening the transition to a thriving clean-energy global economy, protecting millions of people and our vulnerable ecosystems.

Co-founder of The B Team, English business magnate, investor, and philanthropist Richard Branson believes that business can be a force for good.

He is leading the way in many fields of endeavour, most especially transforming our access to space.

Unveiling Virgin Galactic’s new spaceship named VSS Unity by Professor Stephen Hawking recently Richard Branson commented.

“Together, we can make space accessible in a way that has only been dreamt of before now, and by doing so can bring positive change to life on Earth.

Our beautiful new spaceship, VSS Unity, is the embodiment of that goal also great testament to what can be achieved when true teamwork, great skill and deep pride are combined with a common purpose.”

Hawking announced he “… would be very proud to fly in this spaceship” and there are many hoping he will have the chance.

The B Team wants to ‘help more companies understand that it is in the interests of business to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, solve climate change and ensure that ecosystems are not stretched beyond capacity’. ‘

Reach for the Sky BransonThis will be possible by ‘creating new market opportunities and reducing risks by future-proofing operations’, countering inertia and inaction.’

Supportive government policies, in addition to corporate leadership, are also a key to progress.


The B Team are ‘encouraging progressive companies to continue to press the case to policy-makers that a dramatic shift towards the clean energy economy is gaining momentum and is good for economic growth and energy independence’.

Global inequality continues to expand the gap between the haves and the have nots and global the intensification of technological and industrial innovations, while unlocking huge economic opportunity, also pose risks for deepening inequality, job insecurity and political instability’ is imperative.

The B Team is an aspect of 21st century enlightenment, which is about facing challenges that vary enormously in scope and scale.


Ian McGilchrist, author of The Master and His Emissary (2009)

Psychiatrist, doctor, writer, former Oxford literary scholar and author of the much lauded, The Master and His Emissary (2009) Iain McGilchrist, urges us to ‘know thyself’, particularly our brains as it may help us to shape our behaviours and cultures for the better.

As creatures of habit, human beings must continually challenge all that they do know, as they seek to know more.

In his much acclaimed dissertation he talks about the emerging science of human nature, connecting brains and behaviour in a climate of cultural learning.

He suggests ‘the proliferation of scientific knowledge on human nature shows no sign of abating… the aim is to use ideas of change and knowledge to help us address the collective challenges we face’.

If knowledge is power, then knowledge about how to change our own behaviour ought to be particularly empowering.

The B Team

The B Team Leaders went to Paris to demonstrate business support for a clear, long-term goal embedded in the COP 21 agreement, and that the right goal is net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

So if we do have the ability to adapt as we progress in life and business The B Team is urging us all to ‘use our voices where we can make a difference’.

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2016

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