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Classical-ColumnsArt is a term with a much greater meaning, one more powerful than just immediate imagery.

It is a visible expression of something both profound and invisible: in whatever medium is used, and whatever form it takes, art is shaped by the culture and age that produced it.

Works of art do not necessarily make a sophisticated civilisation.

All early primitive cultures had fabulous art forms, many of them infused with an energy that is both powerful and tangible today.

The contribution of design history, the decorative arts and music as an important and powerful expression of culture is both explored and analyzed in The Culture Concept’s FREE series of videos.

Just as a palate can be educated to appreciate fine wine so too can both the eye and the ear be educated to distinguish the rare from the ordinary, the exquisite from the mundane’*

The Evolution of Art, Design and Style is a cultural journey filled with beautiful images.

Written and narrated by writer and publisher Carolyn McDowall in chronological order and in the context of historical events.

She surveys and discusses the intellectual ideas and social change during the epochs of style and cultural development in which an amalgamation of body, spirit, harmony, reason, order and contentment represent the ideal world we all seek.

Middle-AgesFollow the progress of architecture, gardens, interiors, paintings, sculpture, music and objects from antiquity to the end of the Middle Ages and beginning of that era in Europe now known as the Renaissance when man re-evaluated his place in the world.

CIVILISED: Part 1 contains nineteen free videos:- some subjects discussed include…

• Early societies around the Black Sea, Tigris – Euphrates Valley and, along the Nile in Egypt

• Archaic and classical heritage of Greece and Rome

• Establishment of Christianity; interaction with the Roman World; preservation of the classical tradition

• Constantinople C4 – C15, Mosaics at Ravenna and Paradise Gardens of the East

• La Serennissima, Venice its architecture and society

• Middle Ages in Europe and England

• Romanesque and Gothic styles in Europe and England

• Chateau on the Loire

• Development of Ceramics and Textiles

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CIVILISED- 1Defining Civilisation 1:1 | Defining Civilisation 1:2 | An Arcadian Ideal 1:3 | An Arcadian Ideal 1: 4 | Precincts of Power & Glory 1:5 | Precincts of Power & Glory 1:6 | Conversions, Cornerstones & Civlised Life 1:7 | Conversions, Cornerstones & Civilised Life 1:8 | At the Meeting of Heaven and Earth 1:9 | At the Meeting of Heaven and Earth 1:10 | Mosaics at Ravenna 1:11 | Paradise Found 1:12 | Paradise Found 1:13 | Threads of Destiny 1:14 | Threads of Destiny 1:15 | Le Moyen Age – Choirs, Chateaux & Courtly Love 1:16 | Le Moyen Age – Choirs, Chateaux & Courtly Love 1:17 | Precious Cargoes from Cathay 1:18 | Precious Cargoes from Cathay 1:19

Join us, open the door and the world will never look quite the same again.

Carolyn McDowall, 2010 – 2014

* Quote: Associate Professor Pare Keiha, MSc, PhD, MBA, MComLaw, FRSA Pro Vice Chancellor for Commercialisation, the Pro Vice Chancellor for Maori Advancment and Tumuaki of Te Ara Poutama, the Dean of the Faculty of Maori Development, at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

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