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The Culture Concept Circle is a friendly meeting place for those with an interest in the arts (performance and visual), design history and the continuing development of a sustainable and creative society.

It’s all about art, design and style past, present and future.

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Carolyn McDowall, has been involved with the creative sector for over thirty years in Australia. She has completed interior design projects, produced innovative creative corporate and community events, conducted original research and designed, developed, and produced continuing adult education arts programs in conjunction with specialist colleagues.

Carolyn has held key positions on committees and boards raising awareness for social profit organizations throughout her professional career and personal life. She has delivered public talk and special presentations to a broad spectrum of corporate and community organizations. If you enjoy visiting our site and the flexibility of the subjects covered Subscribe to The Culture Concept Circle and your world will never look quite the same again.

simply irresistible…the arts, in all their forms, enliven our experiences, inspire our endeavours, expand enterprise, shape our identity and contribute to our well being: art design and music represent the very essence of our culture its attitudes and philosophies its fashions and passions: join us and change the way you view the world: gain the confidence to invest in art: inspire the creation of beautiful and thought-provoking works: theatre music architecture gardens painting sculpture ceramics textiles and costume are design and art disciplines that best reflect our cultural evolution: nineteenth century social commentator John Ruskin said fine art was where the hand, head and the heart of man went together: art and design history knowledge is vital for anyone seeking to make their way in the world today: legendary restaurateur Claude Terrail said the new art of living is the art of living that has always been, except for a few small inventions and, nothing should be taken more seriously than pleasure itself: we make history by reinventing everything eternal in our past

Carolyn McDowall
Photographed by Antoine Matarasso,

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