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Blake and Jean
Blake 3

The Dr Blake Mysteries features Craig McLachlan as Lucien Blake

The Doctor Blake Mysteries, an Exhibition designed by Carrie Kennedy the production designer of the popular ABC television series produced by Tony Wright and George Adams and curated by the Gold Museum, is now on show at Sovereign Hill’s Gold Museum at Ballarat in Regional Victoria until September 3, 2017. Entry to the Gold Museum is free with your Sovereign Hill ticket.

Blake Best

The Dr Blake Mysteries features Craig McLachlan as Lucien Blake and Nadine Garner as Jean Beazley

Gold Logie award winning Australian actor and musician Craig McLachlan has excelled at playing the role of the likeable country doctor detective Lucien Blake since the television series first began with Nadine Garner at his side as Jean, his loyal housekeeper and friend.

The exhibition consists of two parts; ‘Cast and Crew’, providing a sneak peek behind the camera of everyone involved in bringing the television series to life; and ‘On Location’, looking at the locations in regional Victoria, Australia that are involved in the making of the show.

Dr Blake

The Dr Blake Mysteries features Craig McLachlan as Lucien Blake

The Doctor Blake Mysteries television series has been an incredible success, with it returning to the ABC in 2017 for its grand finale season, ending with a movie length episode. It is a show that has been and remains, the highest rating Australian television show on the ABC and is distributed Internationally to TV channels in the UK, USA and Europe.

The series is set during the late 1950’s in rural Victoria in the city of Ballarat a former boom gold mining town. The exhibition will offer Dr. Lucien Blake’s fans an appreciation of its many historical buildings and locations they have become familiar with during the filming.

Craig in Car - Dominic Brine

Dr Lucien Blake (Craig McLachlan) drives a 1930’s Coventry Standard English Car, which has been modified with a Holden 202 engine… photograph Dominic Brine

From vintage costuming to the 1937 ‘Blakemobile’ the car the good doctor drives, the exhibition will celebrate the international success of The Doctor Blake Mysteries.

Visitors will be given an appreciation of the gold mining recreation town of Sovereign Hill, Lake Wendouree, the Ballarat Art Gallery, the Ballarat East Fire Station and, the Old Colonist’s Club.

Blake 4

The Dr Blake Mysteries features Craig McLachlan as Lucien Blake

They will be able to stroll past sets from the series and to also meet some of the creative team who will be present to offer their take on the techniques involved in creating such a successful television series, which in 2015 attracted 1.67 million viewers

It all began when the good Doctor returned home to run his deceased father’s medical practice. Blake has been involved in the war and his posting in the Far East provided the story arc for the fourth series.

Blake 2

The Dr Blake Mysteries features Craig McLachlan as Lucien Blake

“This exhibition will allow local and international visitors to truly immerse themselves into the exciting world of Dr Blake. Fans of the series are going to love the exhibition, but so too will anyone interested in fashion, the creative television process, as well as touring groups,” says Jeremy Johnson CEO of Sovereign Hill.

Dr Blake House

Dr Blake’s House once owned by artist Napier Walle c1922

If you are visiting Dr Blake you cannot help but admire his home, which once belonged to one of Australia’s foremost muralists, mosaicists and painters in stained glass and other media artist Mervyn Napier Waller (1893-1972), however it is located in a suburb of Melbourne.

The bungalow restrained in its design was influenced by those in American fashion of the time, while revealing both aesthetic Japanese and English influences. The artist designed it and the first part completed in 1922, and later extended with the addition of two studios.

Blake 1

Craig McLachlan as Dr Lucien Blake, Nadine Garner as Jean Beazley, Rodger Corser as Frank Carlyle and Cate Wolfe as Mattie O’Brien in Dr Blake Mysteries, Series 4 2016

Dr Lucien Blake’s ability to solve horrible murders, while working as the police surgeon, does ruffle a great many feathers. His long-time at arms length relationship with his housekeeper Jean (Nadine Garner) took a turn last series with the introduction of Lucien’s former wife.

Blake 5

Actors Nadine Garner as Jean Beazley and Ling Hsueh Tang and Craig McLachlan in Dr Blake’s Mysteries 2016

Are they going to wrap it all up in a bow at the end of Series Five and be sure that the Doctor and Jean end up together? Well you will have to watch later this year to find out if they are going to throw more spanners in the works of that happening or, if it will leave fans frustrated and baying for more.


Nadine Garner as Jean Beazley in Dr Blake Mysteries

It is a fact most Australian well written and superbly acted television series never seem to make it past the mystery number 5 in any series, especially good dramas such as The Doctor Blake Mysteries,

Is there a curse? Would someone please enlighten me!

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2017



The Doctor Blake Mysteries Exhibition

April 11 – September 3, 2017

Sovereign Hill Gold Museum


Saturday 27th May Behind the Seams Panel discussion with Louise McCarthy (costume designer) about how they achieved the 1950s look for the series.
Saturday 17th June Writer’s Room Panel discussion with Doctor Blake scriptwriters, with special guest Series Producer George Adams.
Saturday 26th August Dr Blake’s Murder Mystery Night A Murder Mystery night where attendees are given clues and must work together to solve the case!
All day, duration of exhibition Costume Corner Kids & young adults submit their costume sketches for display in the Gold Museum foyer. Winners announced each month during exhibition.
Weekly Curator Floor Talks 20 minute guided tour of the exhibition with Gold Museum curators
Throughout July Children’s Detective Trail & Doctor Blake’s Christmas Special A self-guided trail for children through the exhibition, as well as a competition for adults to link crimes from the show to their locations.



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