The Gentleman’s Guide To Cool – A Must Read For All Men

GGC 2I love a good read, and just recently this fabulous font of information crossed my path. “The Gentleman’s Guide To Cool” by Paul Giles, from Style Shift in Adelaide, is a must for any man, young or mature, single or taken.

Think of it as the ultimate “go to” tome for the modern day man.

Paul Giles worked as an international model for some 20 years.

Working for labels such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and Country Road, Marcs and SABA here in Australia, I think it’s safe to say he has a wad of experience behind him.

In todays world, sometimes it’s the old fashioned niceties that get lost, and I love that this book rediscovers some basic rules that never go out of style.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, how true is that!

Paul shares his own experiences in such a way that you feel like you are talking to an old friend.

Paul Giles Looking CoolIn the seven chapters, Giles takes us through getting to know what works for the individual.

The MUST have wardrobe pieces, accessories, dress code etiquette, how to care for your clothes, grooming and the keys to confidence.

As I was perusing the pages, it struck me that this would be a fabulous gift for a young man at the end of his schooling or beginning university.

It is all well and good to have a great education of the mind, but as Paul says “first impressions count for everything”, especially at job interviews.

Grooming is a particularly important subject, and one that many lads aren’t quite sure of.

Paul tackles how to get the perfect shave, treating bad breath and sweating, just to name a few.

The last two topics can be touchy and slightly embarrassing, so to have so basic answers helps enormously.

Not all of us, men and women included, find the world of fashion and etiquette easy to navigate.

Imagine how helpful this book could be for a young man just starting out.

His tips for social events are excellent, and I just loved “preparing for a night out – be a gentleman, look after your mates and don’t mix your drinks”.

Great advice for anyone really.

GGC 3Pauls’ relaxed writing style makes for easy, enjoyable reading.

PaulGilesI think there is always something new to learn, and Paul Giles philosophy is simple:” If you know you have given something your absolute best you will have the confidence to do almost anything.”

With his straightforward insights into practically everything a gent could ever want top know about sartorial style, this book is one that will be referred to, time after time.

How to buy a woman a gift of perfume, wedding etiquette, to how to shake hands properly, which personally I think is important for both sexes.

There is nothing worse than a bad handshake, but if you are never taught, how will you know you are doing it all wrong!

Even if you are a savvy man about town, I think there is an extra tip or two that can be picked up from Style Shift‘s Paul Giles “The Gentleman’s Guide To Cool”.

Why not check it out for yourself, it could be the first step to being a much loved gent!


Jo Bayley, Fashion Elixir, The Culture Concept Circle

The Gentleman’s Guide To Cool is available through JoJo Publishing.

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