The Jungle Book – How To Wear Leopard Print

It seems this winter we are feeling like a walk on the wild side.

There has been a resurgence in leopard, and I like it!

After a summer full of neon brights and block colours, I’m loving a print.

Animal prints are a fab way to inject some texture into your wardrobe.

Let me be more specific, I mean visual texture.

This print can take on an almost 3D quality, so the most important thing to remember when adding a little purr, is to keep the silhouette simple!

Fabrics should always be top quality when going for this look.

Nothing screams cheap and nasty more than a shiny, nylon leopard!

Leopard is my favourite design in the animal kingdom.

Mother nature always gets it right.

When wearing leopard, think of it as a neutral. It is versatile and will go with almost every colour.

Sophisticated, sexy and stylish, it looks great on blondes, brunettes and redheads. Just choose the perfect base for your colouring.

Fabulous redheads could match a stunning emerald, beautiful brunettes maybe try pillar box red, while alluring blondes can match with navy for cool sophistication.

This print suits all shapes and sizes.

Remember, keep it classy! Think ’50’s silver screen siren, a la Sophia Loren.

A soft, floaty leopard chiffon blouse tied at the neck with a pussy bow, paired with a black pencil skirt or tuxedo pant looks hotter than the Sahara.

Lady like with a hint of sex. Keep make up clean and simple.

Fresh skin with a minimal eye (black cats eye liner) is sublime, add a red lip for pop and you are done.

A leopard trench is great all year round.

Teamed with denim and a white tee, or maybe a black turtle neck and cigarette pants, you can’t go wrong.

Very Audrey Hepburn. I recently bought a “Lilli Ann” vintage leopard coat. The tailoring is superb, and it is in mint condition.

It was great investment.

As with make up, accessories should be kept to a minimum.

We are aiming for a touch of class, not brothel madame!

Actually accessories are the ultimate way to introduce a feline touch.

A wide cuff, a pony skin loafer or soft scarf all do the job beautifully.

Dolce & Gabbana do brillant leopard, and I loved what Marc Jacobs did with it for Louis Vuitton.

He showed us that we could shake it up a little by reinventing the colour scheme.

Instead of traditional black and tan, he experimented with reds and petrol blues, for a modern twist.

So next time you see ocelot, cheetah or a leopard print that may take your fancy, welcome to the jungle.

You are woman, lets hear you roar!

Jo Bayley, Fashion Editor The Culture Concept Circle

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