The Marais Project 20th Anniversary CD & Concert Celebration

Marais Project
Jenny Eriksson, courtesy The Marais Project

Jenny Eriksson, courtesy The Marais Project

Seeking to stimulate interest from a generation emerging from their youthful cocoon into a world where music is so much more than just a beat, the musicians of The Marais Project, formed in 2000 to perform the complete 600 works of French composer Marin Marais (1756-1728) famed seventeenth century French master of the viol, have released a new CD Garden Party to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Each generation is able to testify to, and identify with music as one of the great social and cultural markers of their age, reflecting what’s cool or what’s in or out of favour.

Music is the language of the heart and soul and the means of expressing actions and experiences and there are many images of our world in our minds that are truly incomplete without music.

Marais Project

Musicians of The Marais Project

On Sunday 26 May 2019, you can join The Marais Project  for their next performance, a Prelude in Tea;  afternoon tea from 2:30pm, and their early music Concert at 3:30pm in Sydney at The Independent Theatre, North Sydney.

Elysian Fields

Musicians of Elysian Fields

Widely recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative early music ensembles, whilst also commissioning new music, their leader viola da gambist specialist Jennifer Eriksson has over two decades been interviewed and performed with colleagues of The Marais Project and the group she plays with on her customized Electric da Gamba, Elysian Fields, live on state and national radio, as well as touring nationally and internationally.

Jennifer Erickson

Jennifer Eriksson with Tommie Andersson

Early music works are dominated by grace, beauty and sentiment’, which Jennifer discovered as a young woman when she was studying during the 1980’s in a ‘hot house’ for early music studies at Holland with Jaap ter Linden, one of the worlds renowned baroque cellists and gambists.

Jenny ErikssonBold harmonic forms combined with effortless elegance were meant to charm, entertain, and move without tears and violent passions, plunging the very depths of the spirit and soul.

Jennifer recalls it was never a “by the book”, academic exercise, with the playing approached with passion, intent and technique with a clear aim of engaging and moving audiences.

Special guests at their celebration will include Swedish gambist, Leif Henrikson long term friend and collaborator of Marais Project lutenist, Tommie Andersson.  Details Here

They will be sure to win you to the favour of early music, along with Belinda Montgomery, voice, Cathy Upex, viola da gamba, Susie Bishop – voice, Matt Keegan – saxophones, Jenny Eriksson – electric and original viola da gamba, Matt McMahon – piano, Siebe Pogson – bass guitar and Finn Ryan – drums.

Jenny notes: “I am so happy with everything about this recording: the playing, the sound quality, the design AND the track list. Featured artists include Belinda Montgomery, Tommie Andersson, Danny Yeadon, Susie Bishop, Elsen Price, Emily-Rose Šárkova and many more”.

Copies will be available on May 26 and the formal launch takes place on May 31, appropriately, the anniversary of Marin Marais’ birth.

Tommie, Susie, Leif and Jenny will also be playing Baroque Songs and Interludes in the Rose Room, Burradoo in the Southern Highlands of NSW on June 2.  Details Here

Carolyn McDowall, The Culture Concept Circle, 2019


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